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I think he has a shorter lease on the training ground , i maybe wrong but i don’t think that’s his to sell


But it wasn’t the actions of the Blackpool fans that got rid of Oyston. It was his former partner suing him in the high court for payment of a £25 million debt that caused the club to go into administration.
I’m not aware that Bonser owes anyone that sort of cash. Maybe morally but not legally.


To be honest mate if i won the euro millions tonight i would give him whatever he wanted, and throw another 10 million at the club, i would do what Brighton did and find a backer to help build a stadium to be proud of, let’s face it wolves have done it with a smaller population than walsall, and it has been proven in the past, when we HAVE bought a modicum of success every man and his dog want’s to be a part of it, but i would genuinely put money into the club and if i made some back then it’s a bonus, but trust me i would make match days worth coming, and a pleasure for people to spend their hard earned money, does that make me sound like OUR number one fan?


Fair comment.


As Chunkster has indicated, the only way that we can make life uncomfortable for Uncle Jeff is continuous visible protests.
Much as I regard the work done by all concerned at WSC it is all too little too late and far too much of a ‘tea and biscuits’ approach, that will have no effect at all in the long run. We may get dry toilets, even warm water! (I noticed there was paper on which to dry your hands on Saturday!)…but, will anything really change at the club as a whole?
I have my doubts, uncle Jeff couldn’t care two hoots about us pesky supporters, thinks we are ALL peasants.
Constant and embarrassing protests are the ONLY way forward, make him squirm, like has been effective at Charlton & Blackpool.
Sorry just an opinion from one of those irritating thick brainless peasants.


I think it cost about £800,000 so it’s got to be worth that at least.


Built with Director loans I wonder?


…And anyway is someone after his dog then …? :smirk:


Don’t know why you doctored that? :yum:


:pen: :thinking:


I didn’t know i had spelt it wrong until you highlighted it, mumford would be proud of me :laughing:


Could we get an estimate on how much he has taken out the club in rent payments & transfer fees?


Training ground is only leased Simon, one of the few things he’s not been able to add to the golden pension pot


Fans have had issues with Bonser since the mid 1990s.

Protests, action groups, hash tags, flags, none of these have worked so don’t expect them to work in 2019.

Jeff understands £.

Boycot the early bird.
Boycot games.
Boycot spending with the club.

It’ll hurt the club but it’ll cause Jeff and board an absolute nightmare. It will also get a hell of a lot of attention.

Anything else is wasted energy.


Uncle Jeff is doing it again and i cannot believe people are falling for it yet again.:roll_eyes:


Completely agree

They must sit in the boardroom and chuckle about their domain being unhindered by us lot every time the early bird offer is launched :frowning_face:


Does anyone know when the article in the sun is coming out?


We could have people (like me), who haven’t been for years, volunteering to do things that are guaranteed to get us banned (but staying within the law).We could be called the Bescot martyrs…Don’t think we would manage to find 40 virgins in the Walsall area though to reward our brave martyrs.


Can’t we interest Jim Ratcliffe (that Ineos bloke) in buying the club? Apparently he bid £2 billion for Chelsea and he could get us for a lot less.


It already is!