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I feel really mucky following a link to the S**. Eurgh.


Good to see some graphic representation of the problem (bogs etc…)

Same old same old - but I guess it’s a national platform so it can only help???

This constant drivel about how JB put in the loan in 2002 after the ITV collapsed is complete rubbish in the context that it saved the club - Of course it helped the club through an uncertain short period and without it and doubt we would have had some financial difficulties as others did - but aren’t the commercial entities providing income streams from which we take all profits etc etc etc? I reckon what it DID do was 2 things:

Tie the club further into JB and his pension payment as it was security of the finances for longer until new TV deals were struck - effectively the longer we are around the longer JB gets his very lucrative pensions payments

Guarantee JB a decent return on his loan in respect of interest - What I’d like to know is exactly how much we’ve paid back in loan repayments to Jeff!!!

In the accounts it generally reports the repayments as ‘Directors loan’ interest payments - I’d bet that the other Directors aren’t involved and if so it’s again a slightly curved accounting in relation to the facts - do we know it was just JB that provided the loan?

If it was £1.5M in 2002 and the payments are in the accounts can we find out how long it’s going to take us to pay it back and what rate of interest?

Be interesting to se the totals/details


Pity the amount of transfer fees received last 10 years or so wasn’t mentioned, either way people who never knew what was happening will know now.


Same old smoke and mirrors. Anyone reading that who doesn’t know the details and history, would just think our fans are a bunch of ingrates.


Is it feasible for the new campaign to seek a short reply article to clarify the ‘frustrated fans’ position???

I know we are dealing with The Sun but surely genuine feedback to their own ‘journalism’ is useful to validate the piece??


This was in yesterday’s SundayTimes. Compared with the goings on at Charlton, Blackpool and Coventry, ours is almost a non-story, especially as the three mentioned have larger fan bases and a richer history. That is why Bonser/Gamble can always paint a positive scenario when addressing the media.

It is hard to see how anything other than a mass, sustained boycott of the club will bring about regime change, and that is very unlikely to happen for the reasons cited by numerous fans on this forum.


Dreadful, regurgitating the same old guff.


I had to laugh at the ‘big Bristol Rovers crowd’ comment. Utter nonsense.

Its just dross that they come out with and I’m sorry, anyone that still wants to pay money to Bonser Ltd while reading through such comments from messers Gamble, Mole and Bonser - fair play to ya. Intelligence insulting drivel.

It seems some people have been going so long now Walsall FC is their only social outlet - there are other things out there you know, far less frustrating and much more rewarding if you take the time to look!


Perhaps, but at least it’s in a national now. Small steps.


He’s a bit of an idiot especially on transfer deadline day but Jim White show on Talksport does do digging on clubs with dodgy owners.

Just in last few weeks he’s had Tim Fisher (CEO of Coventry) on talking about them being kicked out of the Ricoh and last week he actually got Duchalet on the phone who pretty much fudged the questions.

I reckon given he likes making mountains out of small ish stories an email to him detailing the issues will raise a few eyebrows particularly 440k being taken out of the club annually.

Could be a way of Bonser having to explain things via the media anyway rather than just relying on Stef Gamble to put the clubs spin on things.


I just like watching a team I support to be honest :man_shrugging:


What? You enjoy it? You sit on here every Saturday bitching and fighting with others about it! That’s enjoyment is it? Wow, would love a night out with you :joy:

Joking aside, everyone has their limit and I’ve hit mine. You have to consider that I have been affected by the clubs negligence more than most. I paid more for a ticket for the lad for years when he was under 18 because I had no idea about the adult and child ticket, then when he turned 18 he went to Blues because they charge a tenner less for a young adult on a walk up ticket.

I don’t accept being treated like a mug either in my personal life or as a consumer. I feel like unliking all Walsall FC outlets on social media and deactivating this account - but I live in hope that Walsall FC fans find some balls and start protesting soon so I too can find that enjoyment in watching my team again.

You can disagree all you like, but you can’t change my mind


Haha for a bit. Then I go out with my mates and completely forget it ever happened.

I’m not trying to change your mind. I’m just pointing out that not everything has to be some massive stand against Jeff Bonsor. Some people just enjoy football and don’t see it as “being treated like a mug”.


I don’t like point blank disagreeing with folk on this site as people take stuff far far too personally but I honestly don’t accept that people will put up with anything as long as they get to go to the match every other week (or more if you travel etc) - It’s simply that the club refuses to recognise their obligations to paying fans and it abuses their loyalty - this then becomes ‘normal behaviour’!

Apathy, a lack of information and a lack of commitment to change something that could be so clearly better is what they are feeling…:tired_face:

If you’re telling us that some fans feel JB is doing a good job then we might as well all give up


Where have I said JB does a good job??? You can be aware of what is happening at the club, the issues surrounding a multitude of things and completely sympathise with anybody upset with it and at the same time enjoy football for what it is. Invariably I get up, travel to the game, find a nice pub if we are away, go for a few drinks with my mates, watch the match, have a natter about the game, maybe be upset/delighted for about 30 minutes/an hour and then get on with having a good weekend.

If that’s me being taken for a mug then a mug I am.

You can say you don’t like point blank disagreeing with people but I don’t see how you can when all I’m saying is it’s different for everybody, the level they care or let it effect their enjoyment. Nobody is in the wrong.


The test comes when people’s lives/circumstances change and the decision to leave becomes easier when you have the current setup. Like going to church, once people lapse, they are less likely to go back.

Each season we see a few drift away with less new fans replacing them. Only success on the pitch will bring in replacement regular supporters and that is looking less and less likely in the short term, at least.


I didn’t say you did - I said ‘if you are telling us…’

I’m happy you can get on with the rest of a good weekend after the footy - good for you and your mates.

Me personally, I get irritated for periods about what we have become as a trading entity (self-served PF provider etc etc etc) and so called provider of entertainment when there’s no decent grub/drink, ■■■■ all over the floor and staff that couldn’t give a toss… (It’s not even about the football sometimes which makes me even more uptight!)

We all have (and make) choices - I am choosing to stay away as I can do much more enjoyable things with my Saturdays these days (that ultimately make me feel good not bad…)

I think many more have arrived at that same conclusion over the years


Nobody should be judged if they go and support the team on a Saturday. 90% of us want rid of bonser. If u don’t want to go then don’t . ( could be waiting a long time for the club to have new owners). I do understand why some will stay away .But I for one go to support the players . Don’t like giving Jeff my money but I like watching my team the saddlers.


Well I’m not lol. And I’m not sure where you are getting the impression I might have been considering you’ve just said yourself that’s not what I’m saying :thinking: but anyway.

Good for you on your choices. Like I said, nobody is in the wrong. I just hate this insistence that anybody that still wants to go and watch the team and still enjoys it is “being taken for a mug” and that the real fans have already thrown in the towel. ■■■■ that noise.

In one match thread I was openly mocked for GOING to the games. Completely ridiculous.


I disagree with anyone being berated or slagged off for watching us - its personal choice as I say and I have every respect for those attend (some friends and relatives do so too…)

I do however feel that for a specific match, to make a specific point (that being that we are the paying customers so to speak) a full boycott would send a very strong message to the board that we demand change

In reality of course, it’s highly unlikely to ever happen but I do feel that without action (peaceful of course) we will never influence the parasite to relinquish personal financial control of the club