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Well done to Rob and whoever else got this journalist’s attention, but unfortunately it reads very much in favour of the club and the status quo. The club will just keep churning out the financial results and bat these criticisms away.

The message from the club is the same old saviour narrative that it’s always been. The implication is always that without Bonser there would be nothing but chaos.

The fact that Gamble justifies the rent situation by saying we are better off than Coventry is almost insulting. Does he really think we should consider being in a better positon than the biggest basket case in the Football League to be some sort of achievement?

I’ve always thought that if the best you can say about something is that an alternative could be worse you are on shaky ground. That’s been the mantra at Walsall FC for a long time now. We could have been Luton or Rotherham then, we could be Coventry now. So stop your moaning and pay into my pension.

The problem is these journalists just don’t understand what it’s like to be a fan of a “well-run” club like ours. No one falls in love with their club because they run at a profit every season. I wish I’d thought of it ahead of the fans focus meeting, but I’d love to challenge Gamble to give us one genuine reason why Walsall supporters should be excited for the future. I’d love to hear what he comes up with; because I sure as hell can’t think of anything - if we’re really lucky we might accidently appoint a manager who turns out to be quite good again like we did with Smith?

We pour our heart, soul, and money, into this club, all in the knowledge that it is quite content to go nowhere as long as a few wealthy individuals still get their pension fund topped up. These journalists will never appreciate how frustrating that is.


I thought it was a decent article tbh.

O.k maybe a bit too much at the start of oh look Walsall forever boring and in league one hahaha (that’s The S*N for ya) but it did pretty much cover all the points I wanted to see and showed to a neutral reader the bugbears they wouldn’t have been aware of e.g. nearly half a million taken out in rent now and decling facilities at the ground.

Really liked the mention at the end of Rotherham/Luton/Bournemouth quote, imagine Gamble squirmed a bit when it was put to him.

It’s the sort of article I’d have expected from the E&S tbh rather than the club PR pieces that appeared last week.


Well done Rob helping to get us in focus on the bigger stage. Not the best headline but I understand that he was twisting a quote from Gamble who should be ashamed for saying it. Gamble’s quote on Boxing Day events are plain bxxxsxxt. It’s a good job it wasn’t a large crowd as it would have been worse. That day for me said everything about the contempt/disinterest in the football side of things. Regrettably SG and DM are completely focused on the Bonser Suite and Directors Lounge and issues everywhere’s else in the Stadium are someone else’s problem. I bet things went smoothly in the Venue on Boxing Day though.
I wonder if we should send a copy of the article to the external Standards Team behind the England Ladies booking in May? The normal Stadium facilities offered for Lady supporters are poor at best and I understand probably on the edge of being unfit for purpose. Highlighting the toilet and care facilities not meeting hygiene and H&S standards published in a Daily National might get a reaction?
Some might say we are spiting ourselves for damaging a Stadium booking but …
Whilst on that subject have we considered getting a female voice on the WSC Mission Statement input or even as a spokesperson?


We’re looking to build a team at present David, along with some kind of free membership scheme akin to what the Trust has for supporters in general.

Of course female voices would be a welcomed, and this is something we will appeal for in the coming weeks and months as things come together. I did note the distinct lack of female supporters on the club’s season ticket marketing, so another issue we could look to address.


Gamble takes a very ,“nothing to see here ,folks,” about the Suffolk Life arrangements. If it’s all so transparent and above board,why did it take till 2011 for a (national) journalist to uncover who was the actual beneficiary?Why all the secrecy until then?

  1. By coincidence the same time frame that they stopped imposing RPI rent increases. Gamble talks of Bonser “saying enough over 27 years” . Irrelevant ,if for the bulk of that time he said nothing of the Suffolk Life arrangements.

Gamble reminds me of the tame lawyer in Mafia films ,wheeled out to assure the world his client is actually a philantropist.


Jim White talking about Bolton this morning. Tried to get their owner on the line but he hung up.

I know he’s a wind up merchant on transfer deadline day but he does look into clubs who’s fans dislike their ownership model so I think someone emailing/tweeting him is worth a go to get more national coverage.


Extract from The Times today


march 5 2019, 12:01am, the times

Football fans need help in their fight against bad owners

henry winter, chief football writer

Two men with a ladder did the honours at Bloomfield Road yesterday, one holding the steps steady, the other climbing up and removing an advertisement for Oyston’s estate agency. It will take longer to expunge completely the taint of the Oyston family on this famous old ground but thanks to Blackpool’s indefatigable supporters, the fumigation process is under way.

Invited to join “the big clean-up”, fans reported eagerly for duty to clear the North Stand, some clutching tangerine buckets. As fans prepared to


Or SG as the Gene Wilder character in The Producers playing a weak Accountant (with a comfort blanket) supporting his Producer (?JB) who get it terribly wrong trying to make a flop film!


It’s certainly been Springtime for Bonser.


Yep, more re-tweeked bullshit from Bescot HQ.

I distinctly remember at the time of the projected ITV financial windfalls, the club were straight out of the blocks stating that we would not be overspending on any potential increases through TV deal revenues.


And then spent years moaning about how the ITV deal collapse almost made us go bust.


I remember that too. From what I recall,Bonser’s first take on the collapse was that it didn’t matter for WFC too much ,because he’d never trusted ITV Digital’s business plan in the first place,and had kept any future payments off -budget. Then it became that their bankruptcy meant he’d become our saviour again.


My hero!!!:cyprus::grin:


We still need a figure on how much he has taken from the club in terms of rent, salary, loan interest and transfer fees, over his tenure.

Fully appreciate this needs to be estimated, but that figure would be a great campaign hook.


The first thing we have to do however is get the facts right.Has he taken a salary from the Club?.. Are you also suggesting that he takes a cut from transfer fees? The rent and the loan interest should be matters of public record as they appear in the accounts.


I’m not suggesting anything. Just want to understand/estimate the financial situation across Bonsers tenure.


Well here’s a stab:

I believe this arrangement started in 1995.
I believe the original rental amount was £90,000 pa, the curent figure is £440,000 pa.

We can now say:

90 000 x n ^ 24 = 440 000
n ^ 24 = 350 000

In crude terms, the annual increase, n, can be given by the expression:

n = 350 000 ^ (1 / 24) = 14 583

Plugging this figure in for each year brings us back to £440,000 pa from a £90,000 pa start 24 years ago. In reality a formula involving compound interest would be more accurate. Are there any mortgage advisors here?

The total amount paid in this scenario would be £6,625,000.


I was going to say that,but I didn’t want to be accused of showing off…:roll_eyes::grin:


What twice …:rofl:


Show off.