Next 3 Games


A chance to progress in a cup, and 2 massive top of the table 6 pointers back to back - could define our season :joy:.

In all seriousness, teams that start well go one of two ways, they either win the league, or end up dropping down either by the start of Sept, or the end of Oct - which one do you think will be us? Can’t see the likes of Barrow or Stevenage being real contenders myself, so we could be in with a shout.

For context, after 2 games last season the top 3 were as follows

  1. FGR
  2. Stevenage
  3. Mansfield

In 20/21 it was

  1. Cambridge
  2. Vale
  3. Harrogate

19/20 it was

  1. Plymouth
  2. Swindon
  3. Exeter

18/19 was

  1. Exeter
  2. Lincoln
  3. MK Dongs

17/18 was

  1. Coventry
  2. Mansfield
  3. Wycombe

So the last 2 seasons have seen 1st after 2 games win the title, and all 5 have seen either 1, or 2 of those teams gain promotion, with others ending up in the playoffs.


Stevenage will be tough next week. We will do well to make it 3in a row.

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I’d happily take a draw v Stevenage if that meant a win in the cup.

Flynn was great at getting Newport into 3rd and 4th round of FA cups and drawing big prem teams and that really would engage the fanbase, increase revenue and really push team on for proper promotion bid so it should be a realistic target and can’t think of many lower league clubs more overdue a decent cup run than this one.

Last time was 15/16 so there may be a link between the two there.

Very early I know, but not many would have predicted that games against Stevenage and Barrow were early season top of the table clashes.

As much as I don’t like Steve Evans teams, I think Stevenage will be comfortable. I’d expect a win against Stevenage and would take a draw against Barrow.

Regarding Swindon, as others have said, a win and a cup run would be fantastic. Draw a big team at home and sell out the Bescot so all of the Sky Sports fans can see a ‘big team’ up close like when we played Chelsea.

15 points from the first 5 games. Predicted it when the fixtures came out. No sweat…

Promotion by early March, title by early April.

Lump on!


Any 4-2 wins in those months? :grin:

Concede a goal? Not on Peter Clarkes watch!!

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I predict a loss Tuesday as it’s Swindon and they always murder us it’s tradition followed by 4 league wins on the trot

There’s a question - would you rather lose on Tuesday and concentrate on points towards promotion from our next few fames, or go on a cup run at the expense of the league? Obviously we’d all like to do both, but if you had to choose …

Lose in the cup. No brainer.


Lose in the cup, it’s the League Cup after all, so prize money etc is poor.

I’d take that in exchange for promotion and 5th round of the FA Cup no dramas :rofl:

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Lose in the league cup . The FA cup is a different kettle of fish . How I would love a good cup run in that competition.

Promoted by February, Carabao Cup Quarter Final, FA Cup Quarter Final. No problems.

Aye, can’t beat an away day at some non league shithole, like Barrow, or Harrogate, or Salford…hang on a minute :thinking:

Tbf, really enjoyed my trip to Kings Lynn last year.

Feck that, we’re winning the Carabao Cup mate, gonna show Man City what a real team is!


Lose in the cup. I’m 29 have we ever had a proper cup run in my era except the pizza cup?
I don’t know what a cup run feels like tbh

For the first time in my life time I don’t think I’d bet against us beating man united at the bescot lol

Went out in the 5th round v Fulham in 2002, then again in 2003 v Sheff Utd?

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Not really glamorous stuff to brag to your mates about though are they that’s the thing.
I wast a bit of that milk cup run back arsenal everyone talks about