Next 3 league games

Seems we’ve had a hard run in the recent league games we’ve played, and it looks set to continue, Salford away (5th) , Northampton away (3rd) and then Leyton orient at home (1st)

How many points do you see us picking up?
I’ve a sneaky feeling we might beat Salford, and draw against Northampton and orient, I’d certainly be happy with that.

Your thoughts?

9/9, no problem


7 points. Draw at Salford

7 points, draw at Northampton

0 - they’ll all be called off, to keep the postponement run going

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5 points

If we don’t have a replay against Leicester that midweek, there’s a chance we might have the rearranged Winbledon game squeezed in between Northampton and Orient?

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Or even rearrange the Swindon home game in that midweek?

Neither Wimbledon or Swindon have games on Tue 7th Feb at the moment.

Tough three games. We tend to play better with teams above us in the table, I think 9/9 is a bit too optimistic, I would happy with 7/9.

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Let’s hope we don’t get too far up the league then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Swindon announced as 14th March so only Wimbledon still to fit in now.

More than happy with 5 out of 9 . 9 out of 9 and we will have cemented our place in the playoffs chasing 3rd place down.