Next captain

With labadie out until Christmas who’s your vote for captain next year and why?
Will it be someone here or a new signing?
For me I’d give it to Daniels , seems very intelligent polite and calm, leads the defence already , talkative and supportive. Experienced a at higher level and leads by example

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I’d second Daniels.

Daniels even with a fully fit Labadie, but that could change depending on who we sign in the summer.


Daniels. He looks a leader, doesn’t seem to make a difference to his demeanour if we are winning or losing, nor did it when he made a couple of early errors against Vale. He’s everything Labadie hasn’t been.

Of course, MF might sign someone with a view to making them skipper, which is fair enough, but DD looks as though it won’t affect him. Like players of the past, Pointon, Mountfield, Stan and Tom Bennett, just to name a handful, I expect he’ll play the same way and with the same attitude whether or not he is wearing the armband.


Daniels for me too.

Daniels all day long

Yep, he’s your man

Flynn may just sign another player that will specifically fill the role?

Daniels is an impressive person and a very good sign of intent to do better. He is certainly captaincy material.

Daniels all day was talking about this with my dad this morning then we announce hes signed wanted to keep him he talks a lot on the pitch and you can see he has leadership qualities.

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Must be Daniels now I would imagine , He’s settled here showed his committed to the cause ,It was either him or kinsella who told the others they didn’t care too


Osadebe. Just kidding :wink:

Daniels for me

Daniels captain. Kinsella vice-captain.

Daniel’s, I reckon MF has told him this too with Ladabie out and was the clincher in him signing, I haven’t a problem with this as he certainly is a leader.


Who George Michael?

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