Next manager: Who’d you have back, from this list?

If you had to pick our next manager from those we’ve had previously, going back to 2004 when Colin Lee left and not including Richard Money and Dean Smith. Who would you have?

  • Brian Dutton
  • Darrell Clarke
  • Dean Keates
  • Jon Whitney
  • Sean O’Driscoll
  • Chris Hutchins
  • Jimmy Mullen
  • Kevan Broadhurst
  • Paul Merson

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Which bollock would you rather have lopped off?
  • Right
  • Left

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Not hard to see why we have had so many poor seasons since 2004 is it?

I think out of that lot I’d choose Keates with a lot more support than he got.


They were all ■■■■, most of them incompetent, but worst of all was SOD.

He should have been good on paper but he actually somehow managed to take a class team, playing with confidence and with smiles on their faces and turn them ■■■■. Unforgivable.


I think I would go for Alan Buckley or Chris Nicoll. or Ray Graydon or Bill Moore or Colin Lee myself. Anyone of those would get more out of this bunch of players and would be capable of finding better ones for next season.

People voting for Keates :rofl:


Where is the “Stafflers” option?


Comes to something when Whitney is the best option :joy:

POTS thread all over again.

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None of the above…bring back Bucks…just imagine scoring more than one goal per match! surely losing 6-5 in an entertaining great to watch football match would be better than the dirge of 0-0’s 1-0’s we have had to become accustomed to.

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Keates was thrown under the bus a little here.

Doing okay with Wrexham again, so he can’t be totally useless.


I dunno. Everything about his regime, from the players signed, to the style of play, screamed NON LEAGUE.

Would be interesting to hear his side of the story TBF.


Good idea for an evening at The Venue…


His side of the story would be the exact same story as all the other manager’s on that list.
Keates was doing well at Wrexham so got the Walsall job and has since gone straight back to Wrexham and carried on where he left off they are in the play offs .

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I’d love to interview Keates, Whitney, O’Driscol, DC and Dutton for the job and ask them what they learnt from their time as manager of Walsall. What mistakes did they make and what would do differently?

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Middle one


Says the bloke who’s voted for Brian Dutton. Ironic.


Ugh, Sean O’Dismal as that time seemed full of hope and expectation.

Think it was more to do with his back room team, if he’d had an experienced assistant maybe?

Ironically, I think he’d be better suited to us now, given L2 is closer to non-league standard, and easier to make the step. Also, be easier for him to bring us back up when we go down :joy:

No way on earth he’s leaving Wrexham of his own volition now mind!


Ha. It’s a fair cop.

I would argue BD has shown enough to suggest he may take us in the right direction, whereas all the evidence suggests Keates was taking us in the wrong direction.

But it’s just opinions.

Brian Dutton :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::face_with_thermometer: