Next manager: Who’d you have back, from this list?


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I had a dream / nightmare last night.
We sacked Fullerton and made Dutton DoF and he’d appointed Sinclair as head coach and we’d offered new contracts to Scarr and Lavery.


Barnwell in

Take a line from Brewsters Millions…
None of the above.

I’d say O’Driscoll purely on the basis that, other than the minor point of the need to maintain league status, there’s nothing here to ■■■■ up at this time. Perhaps from a low expectation level he might excel. Then on the other hand!

That would be a very long interview!!! :rofl::rofl:

Has to be Keates. He can’t be that bad, back at Wrexham and doing well. Give any of the others there that job and tell me if they’d really be in the play offs with them.
The job came far too soon
Only other one who might do a decent job is SOD but feel his management style is probably a bit outdated now.


Did you check the list W1 … :wink: :laughing:

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That sounds horrific @enniskillen

Did you steal fire from Zeus?

Sounds like the Greek legend of Prometheus!

Sean ODriscoll was the right man wrong time

We wouldn’t have been so close to going up with him but I do think we’d have had better follow up seasons with him.

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Wouldn’t have been relegated under Whitney.



Isn’t that the mainstay of this site!:rofl:


I certainly did hence my list :grinning:

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I don’t understand why some of our fan base have an obsession with looking back.

Which manager would you take back out of these options?
Bring back Milan Lalkovic
Bring back Sam Mantom
Bring back Josh Ginnelly
Bring back Erhun Oztumer, just to name a few


If I had to make a choice I would take Whitney back. Clearly he made mistakes, but he also brought some really good players here, one of whom (the wizard of Oz) singleton handedly kept us in L1 for two seasons.

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Where is the Stafflers option ?

Not singlehandedly at all. I suggest Joe Edwards, Dobson , loan of Tyler Roberts, loan of Wilson at centre half etc.

What struck me about putting this poll together, was that, 9 of 11 managers had ‘failed’ in the last 17 years. Despite lots of different ‘types’ of managers being tried.

Is this just football? Is it our budget? Is it bad luck? Is it bad judgement? Just a thought!

Dutton ahead of four managers.

Fair play on Jon Whitney. In effect according to this small poll, rated third best Walsall manager since Colin Lee in 2004, with Smith & Money ahead by default.


I would like to see a ONESELF option :smile:

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