Next season

Is anyone else getting the feeling the club has now thrown the towel in on this season already? how can they expect to attract the extra fans they want with that mentality and will it actually be any better next season all things considered?


It appears that the ‘honeymoon period’ is over for DC and the bright new era. Although we have had a few decent away wins, on the whole we have been pretty poor as a side, with no real playing style. DC does not seem to know his best side and admits half of his signings (I would say 75%) of his signings haven’t worked. His constant ramblings about ‘weak minded’ players being rooted out and needing ‘2/3’ transfer windows, appear to be hot air. Whilst I agree, that we don’t need anymore poor/inexperienced signings, I can’t help worrying that without a statement of intent from Pomlett, our season ticket sales will be lower than ever. This will then be a further excuse for not signing ‘quality’ players come the Summer. Well, you know the rest…


Absolutely, but the club aren’t stupid.they know with a good pre season and a good start the fans will return once again.

And since when has the club been ran with the fans interests at mind? It’s a business they couldn’t give two ■■■■■ about me or you.

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There will be less season tickets sold and 3k gates next season… unless the club ups it’s game in pre season and makes some decent captures along with paying the going rate on wages. Along with making a concerted effort to improve the matchday experience… I strongly doubt anything will change though.


I am gutted how its gone this year I havent been able to afford a season ticket for years but got one this year as my 14 year old wanted to start coming but the way its going I want but getting one next year if this is all we are getting it is rubbish football its not signing more players for me Its changing the team every game its a joke. I do wonder if all we pay is minimum wage lol.

Well DC is unrepentant Quote from the E&S…

“Everyone’s an expert and when you lose a couple of football games, you’re always going to get analysed as a manager.
“It’s black and white and I have no problem with it, it’s fine.
“You’re a rubbish manager when you’re losing games and a good manager when you’re winning games.
“If you’re winning games and make changes, nothing is said about those changes.
“If you’re losing games and make changes, everyone says something about those changes.
“That’s the beautiful world of football that we live in so we crack on from that.
“I make no bones about it, I pick the team and work the team.
“Fair enough, do I always get my decisions right? No, unfortunately I don’t.

“But if you look through my career I’ve got more decisions right than I haven’t.
“The facts are that we’ve lost a couple of games and played poorly, but still, for me, have been the better team and created the better chances.
“In the bigger picture at this football club is that I think we’re moving in the right direction.”

Maybe so but isn’t the dream we’ve all been sold that we need to build towards promotion? Be patient and let the work in progress continue?

Seems a little wasteful to chuck 6 moths of “Pomlett’s 5 year plan” away like that.


Lots of ‘excuses’ there from a very poor manager completely out of his depth, I believe his previous successes have been pure good luck.
He and his ‘team’ couldn’t coach for peanuts, that is so obvious on the field of play, the players look completely devoid of ideas.
No set piece plans, no attacking plans, no forward thinking, no defensive capabilities whatsoever. And those are the ‘good’ points!

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Problem here is next season will be much tougher to get top 3.

Bolton will likely walk the league given they have a manager who can get promoted from league 2 with his eyes closed and signed some decent players already and enough said for the Salford experiment so that’s two likely slots.

Going to have to sign some 3-4 really good players to have serious go at top 3. Surely that should be the ambition in year two?

Agreed it’s not their fault.

Has he stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, when he stumbled upon the winning forumla after his many changes, he should have stuck to it?

There’s a club down the road, they play in ghastly yellow shirts. Sure they’ve got a few million and good connections, but their manager took them to Europe last season in their first after promotion and an FA Cup Semi Final, looks to be giving Europe a right good go this season and look like they could qualify for Europe again.

Fewest team changes and players used in the league…


My advice to him would be, “ Engage brain before speaking “ He really does spout a load of nonsense.


Clearly it doesn’t bother him :joy::joy:

You have to say everyone of those statements is right though!

We were not the better team against Morecambe on Tuesday

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Result wise and to watch no!

Better chances than them? probably.

Stats very similar. More possession, same shots on goal and on target, more corners.


The stat that mattered, we lost!

Ah, but we must remember this was the mighty Morecambe! (joint favourites for relegation) so our lads didn’t stand a chance.

I don’t think anybody that watched that game could sanely argue we were the better team. We stopped playing after the pen, which was not even half way through the game.


I get what your saying and i’d sanely argue that we edged the game. Our usual expectations, standards and players performances were well below other home performances against better opposition.

The statistic there that annoys the most is ‘8’ corners, what do they do in training? Is there honestly any coaching whatsoever?