Next Season?

With the government now talking about 6 months or more will there be one.How could it work?

Unfortunately, this virus has a timeline of it’s own. Once we see some light at the end of the tunnel only then can the sporting authorities start making decisions. Whatever they decide, some people are not going to be happy.
I would like them to finish the season whether it’s playing 2-3 games a week, or behind closed doors with free access to ifollow as a gesture from the clubs.
If they decide to cancel the season, I hope they use some commonsense - everyone gets a pass - no promotion or relegation.
Other ideas would be welcome and appreciated.

Not sure, seems unfair if the likes of Bolton & Southend don’t get relegated. I would like to see the season finished. If it means a shorter season even if only playing other sides once then so be it.
Tough for some non–league sides…

Have to feel for Jersey, 100% league and cup record about to be expunged.

Who’s got the most powerful lawyers ?

And watch the agents sticking their greedy mits in.