Next Season's Kit

  • Red / White / Green
  • White / Red / White
  • Red / White / Red

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If you had to choose a colour scheme for next season’s kit out of those provided - which would you like to see most?

Feel free to discuss. Poll open until 5/1/2020. One vote only.


Return to the mid 1970s colours please from when I first started going to Fellows Park. Still my favourite kit.

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The kit that Buckley wore :revolving_hearts: the retro shirts would sell better than some of the ■■■■■ they try to sell now

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A nice traditional home top. Do what they want with the away ones. Liked nearly every home one. Away ones have been mixed. This seasons aqua is my all-time away one. Love it.

Add - with a proper collar (a la Dickie Dosh promotion season) and with “The Saddlers” in white lettering proudly displayed on the back. :wink:


Where’s the Claret and Blue option, so we can return to our traditional colours??

Talking of that Villa had some mental kits in the early days:

Why does one have The Lion Rampant on it? Did they move down from Scotland?

Particularly like the blood splatter one.


I suspect that’s Mr McGregor.
That’s the Scotsman, not the murderer.


That is 100% out of the question :sweat_smile:

Let’s have red white and green and form an identity.



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Have just been thinking back to that 'orrible white shirt red shorts strip with the appalling WFC across the chest…class…not!
But the guys that wore it WERE class, real footballers most of whom loved playing for the club, and oozed passion and commitment…how we could do with a few like them today!
Used to have pride of place on my office wall when I was a lad.

If we finish in a crap position this season, The Club should save us fans some money by not having a new shirt next season. They are not cheap.

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Your not obligated to buy it, y’know.

But fans like to show their support for their team year after year , when clubs take advantage of this and rip fans off .

There a few clubs that have done this previously wearing the same kits for a couple of seasons.

I don’t get how not making a new shirt helps this in any way though. If people want to buy a shirt they will, if they don’t they won’t.

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You are right. But even though i am a adult i still would not feel right wearing the season before shirt. Of course you can reply saying, Wear something else then. You know what i mean.

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I have a particularly splendid shirt idea (in my opinon)
But what would be the point when the club makes such a shambles of its merchandising operation.

Just too young to have seen the team wearing that shirt, when I first saw pictures of it I assumed it was a training kit, surprised when I realised we actually wore it in matches.