Next WPM statement

We have today joined with the Walsall Football Supporters Trust to propose that the next Working Party Meeting be postsponed and replaced by a video address by the Chairman to all fans.


I’d have thought a Q & A Session with the man himself would bring more clarity than a scripted video message .

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Can we have something similar to what vale did? They had a fan representative putting questions to carol Clarke and Flickers it was good


Not sure I agree with this.His last video address did not go down too well with some on here although I thought it was ok. I like KILLERS suggestion best.

I’ll definitely ask about that as it was a good idea to have one person asking all questions.


Thanks Rob yeah I thought it was good.

Preferably someone who will scrutinies the answers given and isn’t scared to ruffle a few feathers,

As long as it ain’t Gensanx

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Somebody like @el_nombre would be perfect for this role.

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Indeed, you can’t make a Pomlett without breaking eggs


Nah, Pomlett would Boom him in about 20 minutes :joy:


I mean, if he claimed that absolute nonsense was somehow proving his point, then yes he would :man_shrugging:

As long as it isn’t someone from the E&S

Be nice if it was Pomlett Dutton and the new director of football fronting it if it happens not really interested in Gamble and Mole as usual


Its tailor made for @Dhforever is this!

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Can I ask what the reasoning was behind this?

On the basis that if he addresses all supporters early this week about all of the concerns that he will undoubtedly be aware of, it makes more sense for everyone to know what is going on, rather than having to wait 2-3 weeks for minutes to be signed off.


That’s fair play mate.

Do the club already have the questions?

It’s an obvious one, but I’d like to hear Leigh’s thoughts on his previous statement where he said repeatedly Dutton would need wins… has this changed ?

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They have the questions that we sent them from the last one yeah.

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What are those questions and can they be added to?