NHS and emergency services. First game back

When this virus is defeated and football returns to the bescot , wouldn’t it be great if the club turned over the whole of the family stand to local nhs and emergency services personal via free tickets

This could be a thank you from both Walsall football club and. The people of the town, for all there hard work and dedication during the duration of this horrible period we are going through

Let’s turn the family stand blue. First game back, and create a party atmosphere up there. As a thank you to those who have been on the front line throughout this crisis

I’m sure current season ticket holders wouldn’t mind moving seats for one game as a thank you

This is something Issa will be requesting club to consider doing, Via our communications. With them


What an excellent idea - hope the club take this on board

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Absolutely top idea. Maybe widened out to all who volunteered to help also.

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Ain’t they suffered enough ?


Great idea

As I mentioned on another thread, there is an army of low paid social care workers out there, putting themselves at risk to keep vulnerable people safe so they dont have to end up in hospital.

Not all heroes wear a uniform. What about them?


Great idea . As said should be rolled out to all care workers and there family’s. might even gain a few that return for future games.

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What another brilliant idea Olly .

It would be great to see a couple of full stands full of the people that have put their health on the line for the rest of us .

There is no way the club would turn this idea away I feel sure . :+1:

The ground should be absolutely full to the rafters after we hopefully all come through this .

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Sure it will be joyous occasion and a great atmosphere when that day comes and we see our team back in action. :smiley:Missing football so much :tired_face::see_no_evil:


Was just an idea mate obviously. If club run with it they would set criteria, But for me anyone who played a part. In keeping people safe and looking after the vulnerable should be invited

Would be fantastic to see club do something along these lines mate , Issa will be putting the idea to them

I’m 100% sure they will back it mate

Great idea.

Am more and more impressed with ISSA.

Good idea.

Not having a go. But if the club needed help identifying local organisations providing social care I can help.

Excellent idea.Whatever is done people will feel left out but it’s better than nothing.

When things do start up again do we think there might be reduced capacities? So it’s, say, 40,000 at Old Trafford, 15,000 at Wolves or West Brom, 5,000 at Bescot etc. as a sort of halfway house, rather than going full tilt right at the start. Same thing at other sports, cinema, theatre, restaurants and the rest.
Just wondering, it seems hard to think we will soon be back to normal without an easing in period for a while.

Can I also put a shout out to our school staff. Although I haven’t been in last week, the staff are in everyday looking after children of front line staff and others. I hope to be joining them next week if I am well enough.


My daughter is a teacher and they (and all school staff) have done a fantastic job in extremely difficult circumstances during the past few weeks.


Maybe even release a ballon for everyone who has lost there life during this crisis ,if possible?.