Nicholl family. Donation

Independent saddlers supporters association

All involved with Issa would like to say a massive thank you to the Nicholl family for the fantastic gesture they have made to Issa

Cathy Nicholl contacted me yesterday. To let me know. That from Friday’s. Game at rushall that they wished. Issa to receive a donation of £500 from the funds raised.

We had the pleasure of showing the family round the railway club and its football facilities on Friday afternoon , prior to the game
And we showed them of our plans. To improve the facilities. Which are currently home to Issa FC. Football side. And the forest star Chris Nicholl academy

We also informed them that the. Junior and adult pitches up there are to be named the Chris Nicholl playing arena. As a lasting tribute and legacy. To the gaffer, and plans are wel, under way in getting. The signage. Done at the entrance to the pitches recognising this

The £500. Will be handed over to Steve hinks. Who oversees all football related. Matters up at railway club. And will be solely used. To. Improve. / add. To the facilities already up there as we try to build on what is already a fantastic facility.

The Nicholl family are aware of our long term plan. Of what we want to achieve up at railway , and. Although there’s lots of work. To be done. This donation will be a great help. , as we. Try to build Something. A bit special. As our own tribute to the gaffer, With the dream that one day one of those kids will progress from the junior and senior pitches down the railway to one day. Running out at bescot representing his hometown club

We would also put on record our thanks. To Ian and. Wendy astbury from ic shipping. And Richard lavender from majestic travel. Who have also been instrumental in trying to help us achieve. Our goals
It’s great that. Local company’s, can see and. Want to be part of what we are. Trying to achieve. ,both at a grass roots football level and our work within the community.

We would also. pay thanks to all involved with railway club who from day one have been instrumental in the success of Issa , and the club itself is at the very core of our organisation. ,

but as always. Again a special thanks to you the fans of Walsall FC. Who without your continued support we would not be able to do what we do

So from the independent saddlers supporters association. And all those involved with Issa FC. And forest star again we say a massive thank you To Chris and his family. And we hope yo be able to invite you back soon. To see. The progress made