No half-time beers in the Lower for remainder of the season!

This is going to go down like a lead balloon. :thinking::roll_eyes:
It’s great that they’re refurbishing it but giving no other option for half time is just going to ■■■■ people off. I’ve been supportive of the new regime so far and I think they’ll improve things in time but this seems a way to wind up fans unnecessarily especially as they’ve just ■■■■■■ some off with the rail seating decision. :roll_eyes:

I wonder why this could not have been done in the close season?

I suspect the planned refurb uncovered something more serious that they didn’t expect…

not an issue for me as i have a few elsewhere before the game and bollocking a pint down in 10 minutes is pointless anyway.

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A grinning apparent wax-work of Maurice Miller?


Not just this scenario but everything we do invariably seems to be the most difficult way to do it doesn`t it?

They then proceed to put the shutters up, and seem to think the supporters are either to stupid to understand or important enough to give a reason which then gives rise to all kinds of plots and sub plots.

I have been in sales virtually all of my working life and for a supposedly potless club like WFC to keep shooting themselves in the foot with regards to revenue is unbelievable really.

WFC would struggle to flog their ares`s in a queers brothel.


Not sure why this has taken so long to sort or the point of cutting off the stadium suite too, but can’t complain on one had about the facilities being ■■■■■ and moan about them fixing them as well.

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Agreed according to DM at the fans focus meeting the change in club ownership slowed the project down as the club had to resubmit an application for a grant with LP’s name on it rather than JB’s. He also explained that there might well be some disruption for fans this season as it is the aim to get the thing done for the start of the new season. Must be a major refurb!!!

yep, they are taking the carlsberg pump out and replacing it with a non alcoholic carlsberg nordic, i doubt fans would tell the difference :rofl: :wink:

The reasons are explained on the club website.

Having sought guidance from the Local Authority, Sports Ground Safety Authority and West Midlands Police, with their full consultation, we have also reluctantly taken the decision not to allow access from the lower tier up in to the Stadium Suite during the half-time interval. … there are concerns over ingress and egress during the pinch point of half-time.

Blimey as big a job as that…I am amazed that it will be done before next season :grinning:

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“This procedure will continue between now and the end of the season as works gather pace on the new Bescot Bar, which will be open in time for the new campaign”

To need this amount of time and to throw away revenue it should indeed be worth waiting for.

I think they would notice the difference, watching some of the ■■■■ on offer, when sober.

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Yes, they have done this on purpose to wind you all up.

Pomlett out.


Well at least they are trying to improve the match day experience,surely people can manage without a drink for 90 mins.


The new bar should be impressive if it turns out anything like the plans they drew up.


I’d rather have a ■■■■ bar with good beer than a good bar with ■■■■ beer

Although a good bar with good beer is better still


That’s easy for you to say Sid you don’t go and watch what we have to … :laughing:


I suppose it would look better with a few pints inside ya…:grinning:

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I must admit Sid, that your avatar looks a lot better with a few inside me (I think it’s the shirt) :wink: