No manager, what happens now?


So usually now what happens is players are told if they are to be released or offered new contracts, also they will be told when to return for pre-season.

Who now makes these decisions? Or have they got someone ready to take over on Monday? (their pathetic statement seems not)



It would be very strange if the club did not appoint a new manager before making any decisions about which players are going to be retained, so presumably he will be named in the next few days.

The players whose contracts are about to end remain on our books and our payroll until 30th June. The club has until the third Saturday in May, which this year is 19th May, to inform them in writing whether or not they are going to be offered a new contract. If a player is made an offer of a new contract he then has one month from the date he receives the offer to decide whether or not to accept the contract. Players who are not offered new contracts are entitled to one month of severance pay.



No idea. I’m guessing things will start to happen now that we know which league we’re in. We know now what we need, how to sell the club to a manager we may want etc.

I’d hope everything is done within a week but saying that, there’s quite a few clubs looking for new managers in League One so the ‘better’ managers that are probably on every clubs list will take as long as they want.



Knowing how incompetent the club is. i wouldn’t be surprised if they let moc do the hiring and firing so that when a new manager comes in there is nothing to work with :rofl:



To be fair, the players all presumably disappear off on holiday now so, depending on who the new man is, he might have little or no knowledge of the players and MOC would probably be best placed to advise based on his knowledge of not just their ability but also their characters.

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Don’t they get told fairly soon after the season ends whether they’ll be offered new deals or be released though? Then they have a few weeks to think it over.



Usually, and obviously whoever comes in wont have the best knowledge on players and will gave to rely heavily on others opinions



See Bernie’s post up the page.



Skip said on the radio last night that it’ll be up to the club to make those decisions, so I guess that’ll be up to MongMole and Shambles as the new manager wouldn’t have seen any of the players play.



“MongMole and Shambles” :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
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I would imagine the decision may have already been made and more likely contracts agreed but nothing official will be released until probably 1st June next its the Bonser Way…if they announce it now they will have to start paying the manager

With the amount of work the manager needs to do I don’t think they would dare leave it any later



Given our usual close season dealings, we don’t need a manager till about a week before the season starts because it’s only then that we can look to sign the barrel-scrapings (the players that no one else wants). We very, very rarely start the season with a settled team. The last season where we had a settled side and a settled style of playing at the start of a season was 2015/16, and look what happened.

For once, I would like to see the club identity the key players we need early, pay the money we need to get them (within reason) and hit the ground running. No more repeats of last close season where we only had one centre-half until midday the day before our first game - no wonder we went down.



all clubs in the EFL have to put out a retained and released list by some date in June, I can’t remember the exact date. But it’s certainly way after the playoffs have been completed.



13th June last year, the information was correct as of 19th May 2018. link
Championship play-off final was … 26 May.



I found the regulation buried in the EFL website.
All players whose contract is ending on 30th June have to be informed by the 3rd Saturday in May as to whether the club wish to renew their contract or they will be released.
It doesn’t say that the contract has to be accepted or not just that the club wish to renew or not.

I make that the 19th May this year.



Like @Bernie said up the thread…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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Jeff will sort it…He will just get rid of the highest earners…And quite randomly,their wages will probably add up to £440,000.