No updates 2 weeks on from the dof announcement

What a complete Joke. Since the announcement after the Barrow game there has been no appointments, changes and the dreadful run continues with Dutton blundering on. It seems like that announcement was just to keep the fans happy. I find Pomletts constant uturns and false promises shocking and far far. He seems to want to make us as ■■■■■ possible. Hes clearly got no understanding of how the fans feel. An absolute disgrace. The best scenario for us is a league finish between 20 and 22. Worst case scenario we’ll that’s unthinkable.

He was always going to wait until tomorrow’s match and HOPE Dutton wins one so he doesn’t have to sack him. The DOF role won’t be filled until the start of next season if at all .
If we don’t win tomorrow and Dutton is still in his Job the following game I’d give up trying to work out what is going through Pomletts head.

For starters, personally anybody with a bit of common sense would realise that he was going to give him these 4 games (Crawley, Bolton, Southend, Grimsby) to get a win. I believe he had Crawley and Bolton as free hits, and then he needed at least 4 points from Southend and Grimsby.

Anything less than 3 points tomorrow and I’ll agree that LP has pretty much gone against his word.

He also didn’t promise a DOF in those two weeks, rather when they have the right person.


I personally think even if we get thumped by Grimsby that he will not do a thing. Let’s see come Monday

To keep his words, as I understood them, BD HAS to win tomorrow. Anything else is not enough.

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Wow also. A free hit. I presume by this you mean a game we are expected to lose. A free hit against the mighty Crawley Town.

How far this club has fallen

Yeah, that’s quite sad, but I think it was the last two games of the run he was targeting.

■■■■ me it’s going to be fun round the Dutton/Clarke dinner table tonight :laughing:

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I accept your point. Your probably right. But Yes very very sad

He never promised a DoF in two weeks, he said it could happen now or they could wait until the summer or however long it takes.

As for Dutton, sort of agree as I’m sure he said ‘some wins in the next couple of weeks’ that means more than one. If I’m wrong then yeah he gets the Grimsby game, but I’m fairly sure.

The Smiths have the answer:

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We don’t want anything to mar the decision making process.

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I’ll re Joyce if this doesn’t turn into another pun thread.


Problem is, unless he’s been using the DoF interviews as a sneaky managerial interview, it’ll be too late to get anyone in.

Never know, he might appoint a new manager and a DOF from the same interviews

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What give another mock interview maybe

Not a disgrace, but maybe a due diligence process. I don’t wanna see this decision rushed. It takes time to find and convince someone to work in such a role.

You’d be the first one moaning if we made a rash decision on what is an incredibly important position.

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