No Walsall game - where are you going instead?

Me and @DanG_WFC are off to watch Rugby Town ca Kirby Muxloe. 2nd vs 19th. Free Entry!


Off to support Walsall RFC today. Newcastle (Staffs) at home - 2.15 KO.

Always admired Kirby Muxloe for their water colour club crest!


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An afternoon of rugby for me - watching Cardiff Blues take on Connacht.

Nuneaton for me to watch the brother-in-law

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You’ll have to provide a Baxendale update please, @singingshiver

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No probs :+1:

Managed to get a free ticket to Sloppies vs Dingles thanks to the other half and her workplace.

I couldn’t care less who wins, they’re all watching the game, im just enjoying the hospitality

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Just left the game as Bax was subbed off. He did Ok in a very poor team. Some decent deliveries in the box but didn’t exactly light up the game.

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I went to bed early (3pm is 11pm here). Woke up to find us 16th in the table.

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Good Morning for you then :joy:

Have to say it sticks in the throat (been bed ridden last few days) seeing Sloppies being three minutes away from beating Wolves and bottom of the table Wimbledon currently turning over a pretty strong West Ham 11.

Add in Rochdale making roun 5 last season when they were bottom 4.

Yet Walsall ship 5 at a terrible Bolton team.

Maybe another bit of mud to sling Bonser way, the complete lack of desire at the club to have a good cup run (similar to Newcastle). One good cup run in 15 years and counting…

Edit: When people are thinking of ways to inspire more people from the town/younger support to come to games I’d say going toe to toe and beating a prem team would probably impress some of those floating fans more than reduced ticket prices or finishing top 6 in league one.

Off to Salisbury for the day, to a Cochlear Implant Support group meeting. Great day, only spoiled by delayed and cancelled GWR trains :frowning:


Living the dream, Welsh :rofl:

You wait until you see my Euro jaunt in March… back in the UK on March 29th though!!! :wink:

Went to Rugby Town with @RobHarv3y. Clean toilets and a clean, reasonably priced bar. Can we have every Saturday off please.


Also saw a home win; quite rare

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Ahh but did you get a replica shirt to fit you …:joy:

No, but I did buy a Salford one when I went there earlier in the season. Had a few beers, but a good purchase.

I went to rediscover my rave days and saw Fatboy Slim. Cracking gig.


I did Stevenage v Forest Green Rovers in the away end. My father-in-law’s a fan.

FGR are creative and effective, but Stevenage put up no fight at all. In fact they may well be the worst team I’ve ever seen, and as a Saddler of many years, that’s no mean feat!