Northampton away boxing day

Initial allocation 554. I think they’ll give us more.
Ordered my ticket for collection this morning. Pick it up when we play Swindon in the Cup at home.

We will probably take 1,100 -1,300 unless we are terrible between now then but I don’t expect us to be . I remember going there when John Whitney was in charge we took about 400 the next time I went was Daryl Clarke first game in charge and we took 1,500 .

A lot tend to use the train to get to Northampton usually which could affect the attendance given it’s Boxing Day.

I would normally be looking to go… i don’t know if I can be arsed the inconsistency is shocking.

Only 421 tickets sold so far for this and no home game between now and then I think that’s a bit disappointing really.

So has our season been (except the Colchester result of course) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink:

I’m going still to buy tickets but will be this week will the boozer van be outside before the game do we know??

I’ll be going to this. Only 25 minute drive for me

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7/8 of us going not purchased yet .

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I think a lot of people will pay on the day and hopefully push the away attendance upto around 800 be half decent that will especially in that little away end .

Dont be disappointed just yet. We will sell more tickets.

In all fairness, I can’t see fans chambering to give up their Boxing Day to watch the tripe that’s served up most weeks.

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We’ve Gelled now mate :wink:

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I think there is a lot of uncertainty just now. Covid restrictions, games cancelled because of Covid on top of the usual slings and arrows of a British winter.

If pay on the day is an option I think many will wait until the morning of the game to make a call. The Swindon result will also play a part. We’ve had a ton of false dawns so the team need to follow up one good performance with another one for a change. A dash of belief and hope to go with the turkey will also add to the numbers.


Win Saturday against Swindon and back to back wins For the first time a couple of points off the playoffs Would see at least 1200 at Northampton. Wishful thinking I know .


I think that’s an excellent choice and one I’ll be making saves buying the tickets for it to be called off for it to be rearranged when I can’t make it that gets messy then.

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Yeah, I am almost certainly going. I have booked and paid on the coach but will pay on the day for match tickets even if it is a few more quid. For pretty much the last two months now there has been of of us ill in our house. Who knows where we will be at with Covid restrictions by then. So I will just hold fire.

400 odd at this point isn’t bad, I am sure we will take a decent following, especially if we can get a decent result at Swindon.

I’m still undecided on this one…

Sales have been very good this week apparently. I expect a strong following for this one.

Doesn’t look like many are bothering with Swindon. 308 sold so far with no option to buy on the day. Not really surprising I guess, the weekend before Christmas.