Went down the year before us, league finishes since are as follows

L2 15th
L2 7th
L1 22nd
L2 4th
L2 3rd

So since we’ve been down they’ve been promoted again, came down, missed out due to some dodgyness last season, made it up this season.

Listening to their manager before and they’ve had 10 out injured since Jan, and have done it on a shoe-string with L2 cast off players on low wages.

Compare and contrast, for those of you who think we’ve been well run or managed.


And Pomlett said our budgets were similar if i recall?


Keith Curle In!

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Exactly this.

And whenever we’ve played them they’ve looked bang average at best.

Shameful that we can’t even come close to the top seven in this division.

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Jon Brady is the manager there. Only previous managerial experience came with Brackley Town, leaving 6 years before being promoted from within to manager of Northampton after being a youth team manager.

Shows with the right set up, success can be achieved. To me it also highlights how our failures run deeper than choosing the wrong manager continually for the past near decade.

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The same Brackley Town that Stephen Ward is now assistant manager of…

Was. Roger Johnson, Stephen Ward and Kevin Foley were all sacked a few months back after a bad run.

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Their manager said their budget isn’t top 10.

pomser in not telling the truth shocker!!!

I didn’t realise that.

Rumours suggest that Ward was there today.

Looking at the league table, similar standard to Kidderminster.

O’Connor was at the Banks’s too, by all accounts. Ex Doncaster and Walsall though, so not a major surprise.

I imagine if there is a shortlist of six, it will be:

Sadler (I can see Micky Mellon coming in if O’Kelly does what Warnock has done at Huddersfield, and say that it was a short term agreement to help out the club during a difficult time)

And two from leftfield… (cue music jokes…)

Funny you should say that because he was seen on ifollow today
You could just see his jag as he drove passed on the motorway :laughing:

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Sounds like every other person at the ground was the next potential manager. It explains the large attendance there today Chunkster. :laughing:


Hmmm…. Why wasn’t @chunkster there. Not buying the sickness bug. I think he was in disguise, looking at who is going to be released and retained.
Lump on.


Pleased for the Northampton fans after they were fiddled out of promotion by Scummy’s antics on the final day last season.


Trust me mate
I would have rather spend a few hours at the match than where i spent most of the night :sweat_smile:


I echo with that sentiment. Also massive kudos for Sunderland who’s injury crisis has been so bad they had to re-commission the Washington nightingale hospital. Great manager Tony Mowbray, literally lead a team into the play-offs with no centre-forward or centre-halves, incredible achievement, and done playing superb football instead of moaning about bad luck.


Yep doubt their budget is any bigger than ours tbh. Their gates certainly aren’t.

Fair play to them.

Hope you are feeling better this evening Chunk.

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Cheers mucka :wink:
A lot better thanks, managed to keep a bit of soup down :smile: i will make up for it on Saturday, first night on the Reef for 2 weeks, i suppose i have been lucky really, i had a horrid cold 2 weeks ago and just getting over it, now this, so i hope i have gotten them out of the way :wink: