Not just long distance fans

It’s not just long distance fans that deserve plaudits for their undoubted loyalty to supporting their club.

20 odd fans standing, soaking wet and freezing their knackers off on Bescot train station after the game. All trains indefinitely delayed. No news on how long the delay would be. Fans from Blocko, Cannock, Hednesford and Rugely with no idea how to get home. People booking taxis, others asking family to come over and pick them up.

I wonder if the chairman, manager and players think of any of this whilst swanning home in their swanky motors? I wonder if they think their combined efforts this season deserve the support (and hassle involved to give that support) they get from the fans?


“No” would be my guess.


Probably put an offer of friend for a fiver for it

How dare the Chairman cancel/delay the trains!? That swine! He’s gone too far this time!!
Then having the cheek to DRIVE home…. IN A CAR!?!?
I’ve contacted the tabloids, they love a good scandal. He’ll be front page by tomorrow.


Pomlett can be blamed for a lot of things. But to have a pop because of the weather and train delays is just plain fooking stupid!

Silly, you know the point he was making.


He hasn’t has he ?

Cheers, Dan.

Not having a pop at anyone as such.

Just wishing the club would put as much effort and passion in to the club as much as us fans do.

If the owner, chairman and players think they’re all giving 100% then they’re sorely mistaken.

As I stood there getting soaked I consoled myself in the knowledge that Pomlett assures us we’re “giving it a real go this year”.


Totally get your point mate.
The division between fans and the club is growing daily. Almost to the level of Bonsers lowest points.

The chest beating when we actually beat another 4th division team is nauseating.

And think we should stop that music when we do score, it’s embarrassing but not very often !

Nothing emanating from Walsall FC will be front or back news for A VERY long time mush - if ever again👍🏻

Probably won’t even make The Sun if they rehash their ‘most boring club’ piece…

The thing is Tinned, I think a lot of fans patience is really being tested at this moment in time. Over the years I have gone to some ridiculous lengths to get to Walsall games. I’ve lost long term relationships, jobs and a whole lot more just to get to random Walsall games with no significance really.

I don’t know if it is worse now than it has been before. I never missed a game home or way during the Hibbitt years which I guess you could compare to now. Maybe it is just because I am getting older and less tolerant but I just don’t feel the same now. I didn’t go Saturday even though I had paid for tickets, because I felt a little off it. I didn’t go last night cos I couldn’t bare the thought of sitting out in the cold watching piss poor football. These things wouldn’t have even been a consideration not so long ago.

I see it on social media a lot. Fans that I know have followed Walsall their whole lives in much the same way as myself who are questioning why they are doing it now. We’re not fickle I won’t have that. We don’t ask for the world, just a bit of hope and god forbid a bit of professionalism.