November is mossive

Looking at the fixture list and realised how important the November games will be.

Don’t expect us to take points on Saturday, but regardless of the Swindon result the four (potentially six) consecutive home games that follow could be make-or-break in terms of turning this season around, restoring some faith in the ‘project’ and getting funds in ahead of the January sales.

Darlington (09.11) - FA Cup: Absolute must win, anything else than progress to the next round and the early-season takeover enthusiasm will bottom out for even the most optimistic of us. Wouldn’t trust us to win a replay either, so a draw would be an abject result.

Win well and we have a home victory and a bit of momentum, and we’re in desperate need of both. The £36,000 prize money can’t be sniffed at either and the performance in this game will undoubtedly effect take-up on the £5 Cambridge offer.

Worth noting we currently have just two scheduled home matches in December, so from a financial perspective getting to the 2nd Round of the FA Cup (31.11) offers a 50/50 chance of another home tie before the window, though we’ll share gate revenue either way.

Blue sky thinking, but reach the FA Cup 3rd Round and that’s another £64,000 in the pot and a potential money spinner in the first week of January…

Forest Green (12.11) - Mickey Mouse U23 Trophy: Farce competition but we can qualify for the next round with a win (£10,000) or draw (£5,000), then there’s another £20k up for grabs in the second round (03.12). Chance of another home tie of course, but imagine they struggle to break even with attendances as low as they (deservedly) are.

Cambridge (16.11) and Stevenage (23.11) - League 2: It doesn’t have to be pretty (and it probably wont be) but if we’re going to turn things around we need to start digging in and taking points at home, especially against two visiting teams currently in the bottom half.

December looks a tough month as it is (Vale, Exeter and Scunthorpe away, Macclesfield and Carlisle at home) but on the back of another couple of poor home results things will look very bleak going into Christmas, especially if we’re out of the FA Cup.

Also, our poor home form isn’t going to help the uptake of half season tickets, which is presumably a budget consideration in January. Guessing we can already expect sales to be lower because more supporters invested in full ST’s during the early Pomlett euphoria.

Being optimistic, the November home fixtures present a real platform for Clarke and his players to step up to the challenge, change the direction of this season and lift the gloom. If they can’t, I really do fear for us between now and May.



I can only see a victory against Stevensge to be honest , Cambridge are one of the divisions Jekel and Hyde sides so anything could happen there , pre season they were meant to be one of weaker sides in the division.

Darlington is the key for the season, and I have no gut feel at all, a win and a 2nd round draw that gives us a chance of moving on and things will look very different on December 1st.

The FGR game is an after thought now , if we win then perhaps some interest in the Donald Duck cup will move the Walsall masses to go I didn’t know Mickey mouse was under 23.


Darlington game is vital. Win and we have some optimism and confidence to build on. Lose and serious questions have to be asked of Clarke.


Fallout of losing this one could be bigger than Newport.


Just to point out, Darlington have won their last 6 games in a row, win at home to Hereford tomorrow and they come to ours on a storming run of form.


Don;t forget Darlaston away on Tuesday.
Welsh Saddler will have to get his quotes from the Aynuk and Ayli book.

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Anyone else going to this? I’m going, new ground to tick off!

“I caught a whale in the cut in Darlaston. But I chucked it back cuz it day 'ave any spokes” :wink:


Many years ago, Les Ross used to have a tape singing," Darlaston, oh, Darlaston " to Glenn Campbell’s " Galveston." " I still hear your sea winds blowing."

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I played Pool many years ago for the “Nag`s Head” on Darlo Green and every home match they used to put on a grey pays and bacon bits in a galvanised bucket and dish it out by a ladle.
Yow cor beat gud old Darlo.

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I used to drink in the Prince of Wales for a while in the mid 80s. Two bus rides for me, but my friends decamped there from the town centre for some reason- don’t think it was to get rid of me :smirk:. I have vague memories of a New Year in there , singing along to Chas and Dave. ( on the juke box, not in person)

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Ain’t started well has it?


I fear Clarke has already lost a fair few fans and players.

I’m not convinced by him one bit.

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What’s Buckley doing nowadays?

Fingers crossed for December eh Darryl

He’s totally lost me now. We are 2 points above the drop. The fa cup must be the free game now, sack him tonight.