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Ref. Retro 2022. calendar

Right guys. The calendar is now available to pre order on our online store , with deliveries going out from first week in November

As per last year. It’s another gem packed with stats, pics, and match reports and featuring many players from our history

It’s an absolute certainty to sell out. So if you want one. Head over to our online store , It. Will make the perfect Christmas gift for any saddler,

A trip back in time and contains some wonderful memories from our. History. , not to be missed so get yours now while stocks last

To secure yours use the link below


No fluoro bags?


This appeared on my FB timeline this morning.

I’ve still got them packed away somewhere.

Given our return to having green in the kits would ISSA consider doing a retro scarf like the 2nd one down? I think a nice decent wooden one or fleece lined one would be good, especially with the cold months coming up.

I find the newer official ones a bit too busy and they’re all still in the red, white and black colours anyway.

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How you wrapping that round your neck?


Bloody spell check!

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Sorry for late reply mate
There is a retro woollen one on the Issa online store Steve

It features the red white and green colour way. And the old sandy saddler. Mascot

Take a look

Fleece lined would be nice, but the wooden one goes against the grain.

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That’s knot funny.


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