Now that our business looks to be over


What is everyone’s preferred starting XI

All new additions included.

Has it given us the depth and hunger required to have a crack at it?




Norman Fitzwater Scarr Laird

Jarvis Edwards Osbourne New Bloke

Cook Morg


I’m not convinced it is over, but from we have I’d go for …


Norman Guthrie Scarr Laird

Blackett-Taylor Edwards Osbourne Jarvis

Cook Oteh


Forgot about Oteh! I’d put him - other than that. Same side!


I honestly think we have too many players on loan. I’ve chose my squad not really thinking about the bench which wouldn’t have any loan players given the 5 player rule.

Ignore that - Just realised I only have 4 loans starting. That’s one on the bench then :sunglasses:



Norman - Guthrie - Scarr - Leahy*

Devlin - Edwards - Kinsella - Jarvis

Cook - Oteh

*Leahy preferred because Laird probably isn’t fit yet.


Hopefully now, Keats will have the confidence to make more effective substitutions depending on how games are panning out. If these players are half decent then we have a good squad.

Danger is that it gives him too much choice and we don’t get a settled side.

Could be an exciting 3 months or so.


I’d go




Zeli (in the last chance saloon)


Personally but I can’t see a drastic formation change or that personnel. Osbourne wouldn’t get a sniff but Keates likes him :man_shrugging:


Too many unproven loan players; the same issue as the last 3 years. More panic moves without an apparent strategy.

Just cannot get excited about this team I’m afraid. Same old ■■■■.


Tbf though the majority of players getting into the starting 11 will be our players, other than Jervis I think the rest just give us options


There’s two unproven loans in the whole team? Oteh and the lad from Villa?

Jarvis (whose probably the best player in the entire squad), Laird and Fitzwater all have plenty of league appearances now and Johnson has never let us down once.



Norman Scarr Guthrie Leahy

Villa Kid Osbourne or Kins Edwards Jarvis

Eteh or Ferrier & Cook

That’s me…


Zeli, Dobson, Candlin, Kouyhar

Id lose them…


People really have a short memory with Dobson. Probs our best player in the beginning of the season and was outstanding at the end of last even without his goal. Guys captain material at 21. It would be beyond stupid to lose him.


Think its way too early to rule Candlin out, could come back to bite us


The usual mix of journey men and loan players nobody has heard of. Same old, same old; excuse me for not jumping off my seat with excitement.


No you have every right to not be excited.

I’m just pointing out that calling them a bunch of unproven loans is false. One of those loans has played in the premier league. Journeyman or not he’s still good at this level.


I’m far more optimistic than a few weeks ago when I thought that we were in the ■■■■.

I would have preferred us to add a defensive midfielder in the Chambers mould though. Maybe Kinsells can step in?


He’s stepped up all season for me to be fair. I really don’t understand why he was dropped in all honesty.

I think he’s had much better performances overall than Osbourne in that role this season.


Whilst I wish we’d have signed more permanently I’m genuinely baffled that some are still moaning about our transfer business this January. Mental. People are beating the club with a stick that doesn’t ■■■■■■■ exist. It’s Walsall Fans Have Your Say levels of rubbish.