NTT20 League 2 Predictions Podcast

A good preview

Good podcast and I would say a pretty accurate assessment on our part. I think they are right that we are the team that have the biggest possible variance in finishing position and I think they are about right with 11th.


I thought they were pretty good until they started talking about Mansfield and then Salford.

I enjoyed listening to the podcast but I can’t see Mansfield or Doncaster in their predicted places come the end of the season.
I would also expect Crewe to finish higher too.
In fairness football is something we all love and have an opinion about.
I think we have a good chance of finishing eighth, I also expect us to win at Morecambe and take a point against Stockport so I’ll wait for the egg on my face moment lol.

I think the prediction for Walsall finishing 11th with a large variance is spot on.

Negatives: Rookie manager. Horrible form in the 2nd half of the season, short in a few areas (wing backs!) and untested defensive line.
Positives: Some good additions, good back room experience, good pre-season.

We could end up forcing our way into the automatics, or fighting relegation!

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