NUTS get together / reunion ideas, dates and poll!

I know it has been mentioned a few times on here, but I thought I’d try and get the ball rolling for a NUTS get together in the second half of this season and as we are about to head into 2024. It’s been too long since the last one! For those not sure, NUTS basically stands for Northern Up The Saddlers; there seems to be a decent number of us, so a chance to do a meet up seems to be something we should do!

One idea I had was to try and meet up linked to the Stockport away game on Jan 13th - maybe meet in Manchester for a drink or two somewhere in Piccadilly Gardens e.g. Wetherspoons, before catching the train down to Stockport for the game.

If this is too short notice and we need another date; if a lot won’t be at the game and want to do another time that isn’t necessarily linked to a game; or if we can do both (!) then I’m welcome to ideas from everyone. Let’s try and make something work, whatever the number of people that can or want to make it. Post your ideas and thoughts below in the thread!

I’ve set up a poll too, to see what people think and get an idea of what numbers might be like.

  • 13th Jan - Stockport game & meet up in Mcr before
  • Another date during the season - 13th Jan is too soon for me!
  • Sometime post season - more time and nicer in the summer!

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I currently have limited mobility problems (walking/standing). Could we consider a Yorkshire version of this or just a meet up of several NUTS members at the match.
I’m hoping to attend the Harrogate match in February and if all else fails we could arrange a meet up at half time or in the ground before the match starts.
Do we need a NUTS badge to identify us?

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We can clearly see you’re NUTS!

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I knew that was coming as soon as I had written it.


No matter where any saddler fans live, local , north , south, east , west, the other side of the world etc we are all NUTS for supporting our beloved Walsall Fc.


Right up for it.

I’ll be at Stockport but it will be an in and out job unfortunately as have stuff on that evening.

Either later in the season or the summer would be good.

Must be about 17 years since the last one!!

Hope Sheff can make it.

Just look out for people with ( depending on how things go between now & then)

  • a look of desperate hope on their faces
  • just look plain desperate
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Sounds good JJ. I still recall the hangover from the last one.

I may or may not make it to Stockport on 13th - not sure yet - things to do. But something planned later in the season or in summer would be better I think.

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No probs mate. Tbh, I wasn’t thinking of staying on after the game, just meeting up for a beer or two before hand but it can be arranged for another time. I was just trying to link it to a game, but I realise it is quite short notice for Stockport.

Is it really 17 years? Doesn’t feel that long ago but it was probably mid 2000s so that would make sense!:crazy_face:

Ha ha, do you? That was some night then!!
We’ll defo arrange something for later in the season, probably not linked to an away game now, given what we have left and where they are.

I seem to remember driving 4 of us to Tranmere many years ago too - you, me, Gray and I’m sure someone else but can’t recall who it was - do you remember?

Yeah - it was Gray - and one of his mates, maybe?

I think part of my hangover was due to going on to a mate’s 40th birthday party in another part of the city after Sheff had left. I can’t do that kind of thing now.


Can’t believe that was 17 years ago either. How time flies.


I’d potentially be up for that if it was a game I’m going to, particularly as I don’t really know anyone else who supports us Would be nice to put a few names to faces!

Can do either I guess! No reason why there can’t be a few regional ‘franchises’ of NUTS if that suits people and saves too much travel for some, alongside maybe a bigger one somewhere at some point if that is of interest.

If people are at different matches (not sure I’ll make Harrogate) then just meet up between yourselves is a good option. I think if everyone takes there Wrexham half and half scarves that can be the sign of being a NUTter!!

Yep, that’s the aim, get a few people putting faces to names off here, which means you’ll recognise a few more at games. Are you making the game on Saturday at Stockport?

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Yep, I’m hoping to get there, not 100% yet though.

Okay, PM me if you are and we’ll try to meet up and say hello as fellow northern saddlers!
I think a few may head into the armoury first for a pint if you get there early enough.

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