Objectives Draft


Evening all,

I’ve drafted a formal list of objectives for our campaign activities going forward. Some are short term and ostensibly achievable, others are the difficult institutional changes that will require persistent long term pressure.

I’ve re-read the original letter and all the related threads to collate this initial list, but I’ve likely left important stuff out.

Feedback and revisions welcomed.



Through sustained and peaceful awareness campaigns and improved engagement with the club, our goal is for Walsall FC to recognise and facilitate the following key objectives.

Facilities, Services & Match Day Experience

  • Improvement in the basic facilities available to supporters at the stadium
  • Improvement in the day-to-day customer service offered to supporters
  • Improvement in the match day customer service offered to supporters
  • Improvement in the quality of refreshments and catering available to supporters on match day
  • Improvement in the refreshment and catering services available to supporters on match day
  • Commitment to improving the quality of stewarding for home and away supporters
  • Engagement with supporters on how to improve the overall match day experience at the stadium

Ticketing and Pricing

  • A revision of restrictive ticket pricing policies
  • A revision of over-complicated pricing structures
  • A commitment to offering regionally competitive ticket pricing
  • A commitment to making home matches more attractive and accessible to ‘passing’ trade (floating supporters, students etc)
  • A commitment to making ticket prices more affordable for families​
  • An end to the unnecessary categorisation of certain fixtures

Communication & Community

  • A commitment to open and transparent communication with supporters
  • A mutual commitment to improving relations between the club and supporters
  • Evidence that the club is working to encourage the next generation of supporters
  • Evidence that the club is being adequately promoted across the borough of Walsall

The future of the Walsall FC

  • Evidence of how the club intends to stem falling attendances
  • Evidence that there is an exit strategy for the current Chairman
  • Confirmation that there is a contingency plan for when the current Chairman leaves
  • Evidence that the club is working to unite the club with the freehold
  • Evidence that the board has a plan to ensure long-term prosperity for the club beyond the current leadership

Sporting Ethos

  • Tangible evidence of how the club intends to meet its stated ambition of achieving promotion to, and establishing within, the Football League Championship
  • Tangible evidence that the club’s budgeting policy for the playing side is sufficient for the first team to be competitive in League One


I think that is spot on, well done and thanks for representing all of our views so succinctly.


Great job :+1:t2: well thought out mate.


Spot on, that.


Thank you Simon. That is perfect.




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Well done @simon thanks :ok_hand:


Top job pal :ok_hand:


Very good work Simon and very well presented!


Echo the above.
Top job.


Looks great


Great stuff Simon - brilliant job.

What I particularly like is there’s lots of what could be considered ‘mutuality’ in it rather than being overtly critical.

I also think it’s great to see the lists of issues in categories and the Board would be stupid to dismiss it in any respect… JB has a long list of items there to focus on so if we wants to be picky there’s loads of choice!,


Some repetition in the first category but other than that an agenda I will support…if the Club respond only good can come from this.


Think the club will stop responding altogether at Bonsers behest.


Good work, it looks great. Only first paragraph could be little bit shorter. Maybe make home game experience great again or something similar. And I see many complex words, for example revision, commitment, improvement or tangible evidence.


Good stuff.




Perfectly put.