Objectives Draft


This is bang on and, I believe, should be sent to the club as a follow up to the latest letter to show our serious concerns.


Food. Why doesn’t the club have a food court or csrts? Instead of just selling utter generic tat there’s money to be made in doing fresh tacos, roti rolls, even sushi, with little more overhead and way better satisfaction…


Well done Simon. On the attendances point, I’d expressly state “home attendances”. Our average crowd is currently being propped up by away followings and if you give the club any wriggle room to shake off a point in it’s reply it will invariably use it.

Stefan Gamble’s response to the letter from Rob, in which he presents the crowd for the Luton game (which only 3.7k home fans attended) as a positive suggests the club don’t really care what team the people in the stadium support as long as they hand over their money on the way in.


Sushi? :fish:

I’d be happy if there were functional sausage rolls.


It’s not actually been certified yet that they are allowed to be called sausage rolls,they need to be sent away for analysis first.:grinning:


I believe, if this list is given to Stefan to share with other board members/owner, that all these questions should be able to be answered at the proposed meeting in the next couple of weeks.
Plans for all these items should be in progress NOW if they have any will to meet the objectives.
As the club are excellent box-tickers I’d be interested to see how many of these boxes get ticked because quite frankly/sadly the frequency of my support is in doubt how things stand at present.
Keep up the good work.
Good luck.


The problem as I see it, how seriously will Bonser take this latest uprising. I thank you guys for taking on this task but I think it’s going to be a struggle without potential investors