Observations from Today

  1. We don’t have an attacking clue without Guthrie.

  2. We am mid-table at best this season.

  3. Holden is gash (are Brizzle paying us to play him?).

  4. Adebayo and Gordon are a truly awful centre forward pairing.

  5. I appreciate Darrell Clarke’s honesty on the touchline - I quite like the guy.

  6. Alfie Bates could boss the midfield with some more experience, and a touch more strength.

  7. Jimmy Clarke is the new Lee Beevers/Ben Purkiss - toight!!

  8. Salford fans are graceless, and lack class.

  9. Liddle was a liddle off the pace (had to ;))

Oh, and

  1. Graham Alexander must be a bastard to work for.

I agree with all your points but especially number ten.

He was balling and shouting at them all game, but in particular he had two nasty long rants at their number 25, really vicious, which I couldn’t understand as he was their best player, totally ran the midfield. I even shouted at Alexander, if you don’t want him can we sign him please, exactly the type of midfield player we lack.

Yep, I like them both individually… but as a pairing they are so far apart you’d think they were going through a messy divorce.

With regard to Holden, he either needs pulling out of the firing line or switching to the other side - get the ball out of his feet and swing a cross in with his left, because at the moment he cuts in and stops and stop then lays it backwards.

I would send him back to Bristol, he is utter gash

It doesn’t help he is being played out of position.
But I agree there is little point in him being here.