Official - our worst ever season ( as league 2 )

Would be £53,896 for home games and around £33,120 for away games assuming an even spread on the aways. So around £87k in all.

I think that’s right in that we get £8 per home pass sold on top of season tickets and £8 per away pass sold in excess of 500 for each game. So my sum suggests we had 680 away fans on average so 180 x £8 x 23 = £33,120.

If I’m in the ball park, whilst £87k isn’t to be sniffed at, it probably barely covered the truncated season’s costs of Danny Guthrie.

Which gives a context in terms of the hole in the balance sheet.


What @P.T said :wink::rofl:

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Mansfield already started here’s hoping we do now the new manager situation is sorted.

Decent right back he is. He was on my short list. Astute signing.

WE will leave ALL our ‘astute signings’ until the first week in August.
With 3 new salaries to find, our player budget will be ‘shopping at poundland’ again, we can take our choice from the left overs, after every other EFL team has had their pick during the summer…no hopers, cloggers, unfit fat guys, last chance saloon final years wage, 3rd division reserves that will never make a footballer (Osei Yaw), the choice will be endless. It’s the Walsall way.

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Keep up how we’re going , the awful atmosphere around the Club, the poor and can’t be arsed players, coaches leaving, players suddenly getting covid or illnesses then going elsewhere , Fullerton creating a toxic atmosphere , Taylor’s poor management and tactics and our inability to create any kind of promising form im seriously worried this season could end up being as bad or worse than last year
This side has no redeeming qualities at the moment and the whole club is losing control. This could get nasty


Could well beat it this year! New record here we come x

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Worst chairman in our history well done Pomlett fudging idiot.