Oh dear oh dear

Just read about Simeon Jackson attempting a panenka penalty kick tonight in a relegation six pointer between St. Mirren and St. Johnstone. Described by the commentator as the worst penalty he’s ever seen! :see_no_evil:



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See BBC TV link LOL https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/47728738

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I’ve seen worse. Not our player so not arsed.

Can’t remember if it was Charlie Tarmac or Evron Wright who took it, but away at Scunthorpe in an FA cup replay that went to penalties (1993?) - WORST PENALTY EVER!!! I swear the keeper dived the wrong way but still got back to his feet and reached the ball before it crossed the line - and then we were out!

Evron Wright!!!
The goalie came out to pick the ball up!!!

I see your Simeon Jackson and raise you a Bersant Celina…


100% the worst penalty I’ve ever seen from a professional footballer.

To be fair he played a lovely ball through in the build up :grin:

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On target and keeper goes the other way he scores, better than blasting it and putting it over the bar

I would genuinely like to see Nazon at Walsall. I wonder whether some of Lightbourne’s Bermuda players might fancy playing for the Saddlers too? Regardless of relegation or staying up, a decent preseason tour might do the club the power of good. I am convinced that Dean Smith’s decision to go to the Caribbean with the squad was amazing for morale. If St Mirren go down, surely either league in England is a more attractive proposition for young, hungry footballers in need of game time…

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Arrr haaaimage

His ‘ever increasing engorged lips’ routine after an allergic reaction to sea food was the funniest thing I have seen since Freddie Starr’s ever increasing arms routine back in the eighties! Or ‘I was blind and now I can see’ cliff fall whilst following the false prophet in The Life of Brian.

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Definitely the worst penalty that I’ve seen in a Walsall game. It was up the far end but it was still a shocker.

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My dad still gets upset about it now.
Cold,dark midweek replay!!!

“Well not exactly, Alan…”!!:joy:

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