Old match highlights

Apologies if this has been shown before, but just seen this.

Walsall vs Shrewsbury from 1978. Commentary by Hugh Johns.


Hope you can follow the link.

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Thanks for that…a match which would not be played today in those type of conditions.

That game was the one included on The Big Match Revisited on ITV4 a couple of weeks ago - https://upthesaddlers.com/t/saddlers-on-itv4

We didn’t appear very often on Star Soccer (only once or twice a season at best) and even less so on The Big Match which was mainly focussed on London and the south east. Are there any more clips knocking about?

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I have vague memory of a match that was televised where we won 3-0 and also had 3 disallowed goals, pissibly all from Buckley? Always thought it wss against Shrewsbury, maybe this match? Anybody able to help my failing memory?

Well before my time but I felt cold just watching that !

It was cold . I was young then but one had to be well wrapped up…I think my wife thought I was mad. Now she is a season ticket holder too…just shows how climate change has changed our world!!


Fellows Park, Buckley and green socks, what’s not to like?


Not too much wrong with your memory! Buckley had two and Dennehy one disallowed.

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Alan has seen this footage and said, “Entertaining game v ‘local’ enemy. I always seemed to score home and away v. Shrews.”


He scored six times against them in the League Cup. I’m not sure if that’s the most goals a Walsall player has scored against a specific opponent in one cup competition.

I just don’t remember the snowy conditions. Was convinced it was played on a bright warm sunny day without the snow. I was there too. I remember thinking the Buck should’ve had a hat trick and the paper confirms that. Thanks for posting the clip from the paper

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Was it normal to only have 1 substitute back in the day?


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Rules or just money saving ?

The rules.

My Grandad told me that many years ago there were no subs at all.

Tbf footballers back in the day were made of sterner stuff many had 2 jobs from what I’m told, most footballers now a day are pre Madonna’s.

Happier times from the Championship days!


As BS says the rules. Before that there were no substitutes .Our great away win in the cup at Stoke was completed with only 10 fit players on the pitch!!!
The changes in the game over the years started slowly in the seventies and since the millennium have become a torrent. Substitutes being one area but also player fitness and playing surface improvements have changed the pace and certainly the tactics in the last 2 decades especially.


I think that for years when I was first watching footie (about 1970 onwards) subs only came on in about half of games, or thereabouts. They tended to be brought on for an injury, and using them tactically, or to change formation, was rare.


I think at first they could only come on for injured players.I may be wrong about that.No doubt someone better versed in the rules may tell us whether that is right or not.

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