Old match highlights

I’m not sure, I don’t quite remember them being introduced, but you could be correct.

I remember that for a while in the 90s two subs could be brought on, or three if one of them was to replace an injured keeper. I think Gayle, Walker and Livingstone all came on for us in those circumstances. I can’t remember when that changed but we didn’t have a sub keeper on the bench at Northampton in 1997 to replace Jimmy after John Gayle assaulted him.

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Yes, that is right but then it was realised that the law was unenforceable because a player could go off “feeling unwell” and no one could prove otherwise.

When England won the World Cup in '66, there were no subs and there was 30 minutes of extra time, When Walsall were relegated from the old Division 2 in the early sixties, by losing 2-1 to Charlton at home, we effectively had 9 men, with an outfield player in goal.

If you look at our famous Milk Cup run, there was only one substitute allowed and you had to choose them with care because they might have to play anywhere on the pitch. Of course, no one ever chose a goalkeeper as sub, so if the keeper did get injured, you had to use an outfield player so every team had a designated outfield keeper. I think Ollie Kearns once replaced his brother in goal, but I might be misremembering that.

Thanks. I thought I was right but my memory isn’t always spot on these days! I was at that Charlton game and nothing went right for us and we were rather unfairly relegated to our favourite division where we stayed for almost 2 decades.
I also seem to remember Ollie Kearns going in goal once but like you cannot recall the game.

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Having multiple jobs isn’t in vogue for professional footballers these days.

Too many holidays , if you ask me.

Originally no subs, then just the 1 (often not used), then you could name 2 but only use 1 - and so it grew right on up to the present day where it’s up to 5 from 7 named in up to 3 tranches (L1 & L2 - EPL, Championship, Carabao and FA Cup it’s 5 from 9) plus up to 2 further “concussion” subs if required.

The need for so many extra players in the matchday squad is probably one of the reasons we no longer have a proper reserve team playing meaningful games like we used to in days gone by - we’d need a squad of around 40 players to fulfill all our fixtures.

Talking of the good old days … ‘Mystery man’ Jorge Leitao’s secret Walsall stormer | Express & Star

There was a teatimonial match at Fellows Park where Ollie Kearns played in goal and Mick Kearns played somewhere outfield. Not quite sure what position he was playing, and I don’t think he did either!

Ollie was only with us for one season and I think I can remember Ron Green going off in a Home game round about then. Ollie might have taken his place, I can’t really remember.
Ollie and Mick played together in several games that season.

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Just checked his record for us. 11 goals in 38. A useful role in what was an important transitional season. The one before ,we just about survived. The one after we matched Liverpool at Anfield.

We were bottom at Xmas. We picked up from then and 83-84 was a continuation of the second half of 82-83. The youngsters Preece, Shakey and Sinnott were all excellent as the season turned around.
And as you say, Ollie Kearns was decent for us, I was a bit disappointed when he went*. I think his career record is better than a goal every three games.

*But Ally Brown was an upgrade, I think it is fair to say.

Great link up play from Byfield and Angell for that second goal

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The game in question was Walsall 2 Wigan 0 on 2.4.1983.

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Yes, it was no Holiday for players in those days! It was almost like (a)verging on the ridiculous!

Impressive performance by Tom Bennett, with cool and simple distribution.

Couple of weeks before the Shrewsbury game, the goal against Leicester. Must admit I don’t remember the pitch being that bad, although we’d played a home game v Tranmere again with lying snow the week before, and I suppose it was last minute. Just to point out also that the Shrewsbury win was in the midst of a 15 game unbeaten sequence against them that spanned 14 years - or if you’d rather 1 defeat in 23 over 18 years (all comps). Given the even longer unbeaten run that was going on against Vale around the same time, an astonishing 26 games, just goes to show what domination we once had over our two main local rivals…happy days. :+1: :+1:


Thanks for posting that. Great goal. Was that Mark Wallington in goal for them?

Just found this on you tube.


Thanks for this. Dad drove down to Highbury for this match. I wasn’t allowed to go :disappointed:
Players were a different breed back then. February and neither goalkeeper is wearing gloves, or any of the outfield players for that matter. Proper challenges going in and no rolling around on the floor, though the pitch doesn’t look too inviting!!

My dad drove down as our coach didn’t turn up, yes no throwing yourself to the floor and rolling around, i absolutely hate that part of the game. I was 11 at the time and as everyone around me stood up just before we scored this is the first time ive actually seen the goal. This was also the first time I’d witnessed violence at a match, fists flying in the away end and then fighting as we walked past the lines of coaches.

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