Old programmes for sale

Old programmes from 60’s 70’s and 80’s for sale if anybodys interested? I have around 115 home and away.

Should be a bit more discreet you don’t want your dad finding out you’ve had his programes from up the loft mate. :joy:

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Haha these ones not my dads… but the next ones will be :joy::joy:

So how much you hoping to raise to put towards the bonser statue fund?

I’ll donate the pigeons😂

Im hoping to raise money 4 the spray paint for the statue if marshy gets his way :rofl::rofl:


I will start the bidding 10pence a programme… I think that’s £11.50 for the lot.

Do they do a ■■■■■■ brown? :grin:

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Found in an old suitcase? :thinking::face_with_monocle::grinning: