Hi all!

I’m on the lookout for rips of old Walsall VHS tapes or DVDs - anything the club isn’t officially selling anymore (which is pretty much everything!)

I used to have the 2000/2001 VHS roundup of that season, but I seem to have lost it :worried:

Also, if anyone has any classic rips of Sky Sports broadcasts, it’d be great to see those as well!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Got some old videos from the early 90s in the loft some where when we first moved to bescot and one video is the road to bescot showing bescot being built I even have a video of an away game at Carlisle I went to the match we won 4-3 think was game when the Aussie wing played Scott Olly played so sent for the video of them lol

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Pretty sure the 2000/01 video is floating around my attic, somewhere.

Oh, lordy- the club’s own “commentary” added in post-production, that did it’s absolute best to come across as live, but failed miserably, as lifeless and awkward as it was.

Walsall have the ball again. They need to (awkward pause) try and (awkward pause) create a chance. Keates to Wrack. Cross. And there it is. Matias. (Long pause). One-nil.”

Utterly devoid of any context whatsoever, too. I vividly recall being at the Swindon game on New Years Day, and the delirium when Jorge scrambled home from about a foot out, in about the 17th minute of injury time. Not that you’d have known any of this from the audio…

Ball is in the box. Where’s it going to land? And, there…. (long pause)… Jorge Leitao… (awkward pause)… has put the Saddlers in front.” * Screen goes to freeze-frame * Voiceover (same bloke): “That was followed four days later (awkward pause) by another game.” Or similar.

There wasn’t even any context added to the Rougier and Byfield goals at Cardiff- a non-fan could’ve come away from watching that VHS none-the-wiser as to whether they were a couple of minutes, or 15 minutes, apart. I have genuinely no idea why they didn’t just add a post-hoc narrative voiceover to the thing. So very, very Walsall… in fact, I’m not entirely convinced it’s not highly, ironically self-aware, in that regard.


I always presumed it was Roy Whalley. There is a really bizarre bit in the 98/99 video where Walter Otta scores and the commentator references ‘Hop Along Cassidy’…


Wish I had the 98/99 video… the most perfect season ever.

In fairness, the format of that 2000/01 video- a “Story of the Season”- was spot on. One humungous own goal by the club was not doing similar for the League Two Championship winning season. I waited in excited anticipation all summer, only for the club to announce the official DVD… “extended highlights of the Notts County and Swindon games.” Either they massively miscalculated what kind of memento the fanbase wanted, or it did show all of the other stuff and they just kept that aspect quiet, in which case the marketing department needed sacking.

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It was, so many highlights.

Somewhere in the house I have a VHS recording of Tommy Coakley being harangued by a load of Saddlers fans on an episode of Central Weekend (must have been during our losing streak of 1988/9). Haven’t watched it for ages but Tommy claiming to have been our most successful manager ever always makes me laugh.

Anyone on here take part in that?

He said he didn’t think he deserved to be sacked after 13 straight defeats

Didn’t he set up a golf range with Ned Kelly ? and was it opposite Newhall farm in Cannock ?

I thought it was near Lichfield

I wonder if they still have something to do with it?

It’s called Darnford Moors. I got married there, his daughter was lovely but Tommy was a right miserable sod.

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@Vesey was correct then Lichfield

I have some old VHS’s and BETA in the loft but they are not for childrens viewing.

I’ve got a few VHS tape with recorded Walsall stuff, they been in the attic for years no idea if they are any good still.

Walsall v West Ham in the FA Cup 00/01, 2nd half of Walsall v Fulham in the League 99/00, part of Walsall V Rotherham in the League 00/01, West Brom v Walsall 01/02, Walsall v Fulham in the FA Cup (not sure on year), Walsall v Notts County (not sure when), Jimmy Walker testimonial v Birmingham (2003, official video), Walsall v Forest League Cup 1997, Walsall v Portsmouth in the League 02/03, official mid Season compilatuon 92/93, Walsall v Ipswich in the league 02/03, play off final 2001.

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