Oldham and Scunthorpe. When ownership goes wrong

Feel sad for the supporters of both these clubs. I would expect both to be gracing National League North next season. Appalling re Oldham. Remember them in the preniership and 2 fa cup semi finals in the 90s

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Could have easily been us two years ago.

Makes us realise how well of a job so far that Trivela have done.

Let’s not forget the guy that did the deals to rid us of Boner and then bring them in.


Hope Scunthorpe’s new owners can turn it around , hate to see clubs like Scunthorpe in the trouble they are.

For years nothing said Division 3 football like Oldham v Walsall on a wet February night , now look at them , it could so easily have been different for us.

In all three cases Scunthorpe, Oldham and ourselves the new ownership are promising the reunification of Stadia and club


Thinks are looking good at the moment. Agreed. But if you look at the tragic decline of Oldham this started with American ownership. 2 unkown Americans Blitz and Mazal dream in wanting to own a football league club. The sale to abdallah compounded things and now a glimmer of hope emerges with a local businessman taking over

Im just stating facts of what actually happened here. Scunthorpe. Not really sure

My brother in law hails from Scunthorpe, and has been a lifelong fan alongside his dad, as you say a proper club with proper fans

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Oldham have actually changed ownership since their demotion which had fan backing so would’ve thought they’d have picked themselves up but looks like Stockport they need one more relegation before totally re-setting. Appointing Unsworth as manager wasn’t a great move at all.

Scunthorpe have totally messed up. I can remember them sacking Graham Alexander when they were about 5th in league one with 10 games left, that was only 5 years ago!

Scunthorpe actually had 3 or even 4 sessons in the championship since 2006


Not really. There’s been a lot of panic and hyperbole but it was never really on the cards.
See below.

Always think in league 2 that you’re far too close for comfort to disaster .

Let’s get back to our natural home of Div 3


Scunny are in freefall. They won 5 of their last 60 league two matches, and 3 out of 22 in the national league this season. For the second time this season they’re on a run of six consecutive defeats, and their season is shaping up to be a replica of last year. It’s difficult to see how they can turn this round.

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Their last victory was over us wasn’t it? I might be wrong but I didn’t think they won again after finishing off Matt Taylor.

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That’s correct, they drew 3 and lost 13 after beating us.

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And they’d lost 7 or 8 in a row before that win over us as well. :laughing:
They were relegated with us in 2019.

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And they played a sub-standard team on the last match of the season, let Bristol Rovers score a bucket of goals and get promoted on goal difference over Northampton.

I had forgotten Scunny were in the Championship as recently as 2011. We can say what we like about successive Walsall owners but none has ever let us slide that far down.

No but we have come uncomfortably close :wink:

Yes, there really should have been a stewards enquiry into that one.

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Football clubs generally lie in the sole power of one or 2 individuals. Totally wrong. Should be community owned. Oldham were sold the Abdallah dream, Scunny the Swaann dream, we have the Boycott dream.

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Hopefully Trivela will sell out to The Wet family at some point then :smiley:

There isn’t really much of a quality gap between league two and National league anymore I think it’s always a shock to clubs who go down.

Nor is there much of a financial gap so unless your Wrexham or Salford you can’t just use clout to get to the top. Half of that league probably spends just as much as a league two club.

If your already in unserviceable debt territory it’s a recipe for disaster. Let us never go there, it’s a long dark road back