One Year On

So today has been one whole year since we were last let in to watch a live game of football at the Banks’s.

What have you done over the last year?

Have you missed watching Walsall?

Will you return with the same frequency, or have you found something else to do that you will carry on with?


Can’t wait to get back to meeting for a few jars with mates then watching a bit of football in the flesh. Have had a bit more time to exercise on a Saturday morning during the year which I will miss .

Was a great performance to end on too. Looking forward to it returning as much as they frustrate us all, can’t wait for a good day out with plenty of laughs and too many beers.

Have spent the last 12 months being healthier as it was a good opportunity to put my mind to something else with not every Saturday taken up by beers and a mixed grill and every Sunday taken up with a hangover!


As frustrated as I am with the club at the moment - I cannot wait to get back. I can’t wait to buy an overpriced balti pie and chips before the game, sit in my seat and just take it in.

I miss it.


I loved that game!
Truly believed we turned a corner after that win and was gutted they ended the season from a football perspective as we were really building up some steam and it did give me hope we’d give this season a good go!
Weird that nearly the same team this year has mustered nothing like that performance bs Exeter


I’ve missed the social side of it, but have missed the football side far less than I would have expected. Have watched nothing on iFollow, other than some brief highlights occasionally linked on here.
I think I’ve watched MOTD once ( I wanted to see ManUre hammered by Spurs) and no live games on the tele.
I’ve watched about half a dozen non-league games, there were a few postponements due to weather, and then they stopped.

I’ve read tons of books, watched a few box sets on iPlayer, walked or run a zillion miles, spent sod all money, and done lots of cooking.


The only thing i have missed are the away trips to the likes of Morecombe Exeter Southend and Salford, and that is more about the nightlife and setting rather than the football.
I can’t wait for the season to start so that we can vote with our feet :grin:
There is something fundamentally wrong at the club and i just want a chance to voice my opinion as i hope other fans will.

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What has shocked me is just how much difference fans make as far as my personal football experience is concerned. Even when watching on TV, I have realised I am always keeping an eye on the crowd too, it’s part of the spectacle, the experience.

For me the whole experience of no fans has been an empty one. Just cannot get into it in the same way. I find my concentration waning. I really wished fans meant more to the top 2 divisions because for me, football without fans really does mean nothing.

As for Walsall, I was a semi-regular attendee, but pretty all much all of my mates have stopped going - although there are one or two that still go that try and tempt me back more regularly. I think they have taken the ■■■■ a little too much off the field for my liking; if we get full disclosure, transparency and a plan, I will be back, otherwise, I honestly doubt it :frowning:


I have missed it. But not as much as I expected too.

That might be down to us being crap though. If we were doing well It would be alot different

I will probably go to less home games unless they make the season tickets ridiculously cheap.

Agree, that’s why I won’t watch on the tele (laptop, technically, I don’t own a television) because without any fans it is dead.

There’s an old bloke a few rows behind where I sit who encourages hesitant Walsall players to shoot by shouting ‘DIP YER BREAD!’ as loud as he can.

Genuinely miss that. Sometimes it’s the sights, sounds and gallows humour rather than the game itself.


I’ve watched every single game this season Rob and I’ve actually found it very interesting yet demoralising.

For me the club is now at the most critical time in its history and I watch with genuine interest. Get this summer wrong and it could be non league, but on the flip side get it right and It could see crowds flocking back in come August.


Absolutely . Can’t be the same fella as he was but that was the memorable expression from my youth at Fellows Park . Maybe his son or a bread dipping associate ?

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He has a decent repertoire, which includes another crowd favourite; ‘YOU NASTY MAN!’.

Yep remember him from the early seventies when I started going. He used to stand just round the corner from the Street End, same place every game. And on that note, a big thanks to my Uncle Albert and older cousins for taking me and my sister to the games when i was 7/8.

Miss a good or bad away day

I have missed it immensely. The pre match rituals, the game itself and the post match inquests, all of it. That last game v Exeter when Eli came off the bench and scored twice is burned into my memory.,Ever the optimist I am sure those happy days will return. UTS.

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There is one by us that shouts " Have a raker!" every time anyone is within 60 yards of the goal

Where me and @chriss5471 sat last season there is some kid that shouts ‘Reeefffff’ for every ■■■■■■■ decision going. In the most annoying squeaky voice you can imagine

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More than 20 years ago of course but there was a chap that used to shout “CAMEROOOON” whenever Charlie went on one of his mazy runs, the ones where he never looked to have the ball under control but never quite lost it.

There was a bloke who, until at least the end of the 90s, would shout “sort it out Hibbitt” if we were playing really badly. :grin:

And of course “Hold yer lines!”