Open letter to Walsall supporters


Probably because it doesn’t suit their narrative, or is something that doesn’t really concern them that much. It did appear on Newsnight I believe, but Kingpower is not alone in benefiting from the kind of corruption going on in Thailand since 2014 in particular.

It’s all subservient to the fact that the military has taken power and despite vague promises to return to democracy, has only tightened its grip.


Got evidence to back these claims up ?
I see you have diverted from the pressing issue that I asked.
Let us all see what has actually happened regarding you and Mr Beckett.
Come on @matt_saddlesore and then we can all make our own judgments on the matter.
Something to hide sunshine ?


Don’t worry you haven’t affected me enough to preach I am gender fluid.
I would just like a bit of consistency with the editing of posts and discipline of the site in general.
Obviously Mr Matt is untouchable due to his unsavoury antics (allegedly, got to get that in otherwise it will be deleted) but my posts can be edited by yourself because I upset the apple cart.
Maybe the owners should look at who are actually moderates the site because, personally and this is just my opinion, I think the present crop are not worthy [post moderated]


This is the most embarassing ■■■■ I’ve ever read :point_up_2:


Michael, on what planet do you inhabit to think that I’m beholden to you and your ‘pressing issues’? :thinking: :laughing:

The letter was written for a specific purpose, one that now seems to have been met. I suggest you fully digest the contents, including the bit that states I would have been willing to release further information in my defence should further insinuations from that person ensue. Clue: that’s me saying that, not them. As it happens, I conclude that we have both reached an understanding and the matter is closed.

If other people want more information then I would explain a bit more, but only people I respect and probably through PM. As far as you are concerned, we both know that I could produce the most eloquent and comprehensive explanation and you would find fault no matter what, probably rejoining your previous concern that I use ‘big words’.

Thanks for pointing out your FB profile, so at last I can put a name and a face to your wonderful on-line persona, such as it is. :kissing_heart:


You wouldn’t know he “served” looking at his profile would you? :joy:




He’s a glorified petrol station attendant acting like he’s fought in wars.


Don’t forget the medals.

His word is imperial.


This thread … :joy:


Far from an idiot, that is a fact. Regarding him speaking for you and anyone else, I don’t believe he ever tried to do that. Those meetings, I remember the transcript well. Olly was the only one who actually said, lets wait and see what happens, and actually asked fellow fans what they thought. There were several others who went out of their way to offend me, for asking questions, one comment was " When you have looked in the whites of Bonser’s eyes, you can comment"

It hardly seems fair using someones name on here to publicly put them down,and try and destroy their characther when from your comments, I doubt you even know the bloke. You don’t have to agree with anything he says, I don’t with a lot of Walsall related stuff, but an idiot? One of the most genuine men I’ve met.


Based on what I read on Walsall Fans Have Your Say … he’s an idiot, then again most regular posters on there are.

It’s not fair to use someone’s name to publicly put them down? If you post things online then expect scrutiny. The bloke posts utter rubbish and acts like a spokesperson for us all. His rant about the scarf was a ■■■■■■■ disgrace (and absolutely hilarious). Il have my opinion and you have yours yeah.


Very well said Scott.
Same as @matt_saddlesore going to these meeting as “the voice of the Walsall fans”.
Hold on how many games does @matt_saddlesore actually attend ?
I would rather someone like yourself or @tinned be the voice for me, at least you attend instead of voicing opinions from the Far East (whilst occupied by lady boys ( allegedly, got to get that in to keep @Welsh_Saddler happy).


Welcome back Michael.

In answer to your query, probably to do with bothering to turn up to protests and actually attending, rather than squatting in Norfolk and penning inflammatory missives about your favourite sexual infatuation and how massive a fan you are. Although, you’d have thought you could have attended one of the meetings held at the time.

If you’re that fascinated by ladyboys, go to Thailand and have a look, although that’s not the exclusive location by any means. They’re easy enough to locate, if that’s your thing, and easy enough to avoid also. Just look out for big flapping hands.

You never did turn up to that meeting you repeatedly said that you were definitely going to - so case in point, if you don’t turn up you deselect yourself by default.


Damn right the blokes an embarrassment with his Facebook posts … and yes I’d happily say it to his face.

Spouts utter ■■■■■■■■ and seems to enjoy causing unrest through his posts. Just a shame so many bother to engage in it.

Same with the tit who started this thread … get a grip ffs !!


I suddenly feel like Tommy Robinson


(Just for those who don’t understand, that was what you’d call “banter”)


I wasn’t much of a fan of him with all these protests (although I did support the protests) but the scarf thing was genuinely baffling. I hate Bonser but I only have a pop when it’s necessary. This Olly guy finds every opportunity to have a pop no matter how ridiculous or irrational it is. He then has his thick followers praise him like he’s the messiah. He’s a ■■■■ head and like you I’d quite happily say it to his face.