Open Training Session - 1st August @ 10:30am


Can’t see this posted elsewhere. There’s an open training session at the Banks’s on Wednesday 1st August. Maybe there’ll be a couple of new faces by then!


Yep i will turn up with my boots :joy:


Do you know what time?


If you click on the link you will see that doors open at 10am, with the session due to start at 10.30am. :wink:


Ok ,thanks.


I’ll be there with me 70’s style boots, do they have an upper age limit?
and/or a defib on hand?


How’s the “ Meet the Player” session going? Any new triallists on show? Any sign of Brewitt or Egert?


No trialists on show according to Joe Masi. He said most have gone. One is still a possibility but he doesn’t know which one.


Was a team photo taken at the open training session??
I wonder how many of the under 23 squad were used to make it look like we actually have a decent sized first team


I would laugh (whilst simultaneously crying) if it was the Cypriot attacking midfielder.