Osbourne returns!


Hopefully there’s an option in the clubs favour if that is the case.


Forest Green … pulling up trees ?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:


I knew that you wood pick up on that.


Glade all over?


You’re all barking mad


Can Osbourne slot in a centre half too if we need emergency cover? I’m sure he’s played that position before but may be mistaken…


Hopefully he’s turned over a new leaf… :leaves:


What we really need is for him to put down some roots, but as long as he shoots regularly, maybe he will blossom into the kind of signing we needed in mid-field. Maybe Kevin Grice will get some good photos-synthesis. Nope that’s gone too far. I orchard quit while I’m behind.


Fits our budget. Let’s face it all you have to do to attract a player from Forrest Green is offer them a Big Mac.


I think we need to stem these puns and axe the posters making them.


Yew gorra be confident fir the future with Deano at the elm.


Anyone who went to Coventry for the last away game of the season before last will remember Whitney subbed him at half time for what was the worst attitude of a Walsall player I’ve seen for a long time.

Whitney soon shipped him out and I just hope it was a Whitney problem he had because he can have a negative influence on what appears to be a happy squad

If he’s fit and his head is right he can break it up and protect the cbs well and adds even more power to what’s starting to look like a team of giants


Happy with this. People who keep bringing up his injuries need to remember he has stayed fit for ages now. Just what we needed in midfield, although I’d have prefered a centre back before centre mid but I really can’t complain.


Perhaps he’s twigged what’s going on and decided to branch out.


This is getting pineful !!!


I agree.

Though I think some references to fitness aren’t about specific injuries rather a curiosity about how much of a pre-season he has had. I for one would be surprised to see him start tomorrow.


Apologies to intrude, just wanted to respond to this!

He was absolutely magnificent for us last season - miles above League Two level and it was often like having two men in midfield such was his presence. He is one of the best players I have seen at the club and we would have been relegated without him.

As for the “nine day” stuff, how much time he was given to re-sign remains unclear, but a fair offer was definitely made. Unfortunately I expect Ossie quite rightly wanted time to see what “bigger” offers were out there, while we wanted an answer quickly so as to get summer recruitment underway (as outside Ossie, central midfield was a big area of weakness).

It happens, and you’ll struggle to find an FGR fan who doesn’t wish Ossie the absolute best, and appreciate his sizeable contributions in our shirt.


Just goes to show that just because a player drops down a level it doesn’t mean they’re not good enough to play at a higher level. It annoys me when people blindly assume dropping down a league means nobody else wants that player. It’s a very naive way of thinking.


We’ve had players like that who have been a bit of a cut above our level. You can’t blame them for wanting to play at the highest level they can, but it is a bit galling when you lose them. Good luck to FGR this season - I’m sure we will be playing you some time in the future.


Are you fir real? You’re saying you’ll be sycamore puns?