Osbourne returns!


Fair enough, as I said makes me feel better that he wasn’t released as much as he moved on.

Good luck with the season


Acorn belive this, I wood think we all pine for a pun free topic. I cant twig why the moderators have not interveined to ask us all to turn over a new leaf. I bet the next person to post one is really going to coppice.


This old chestnut…


Fir ply, theres a lot on this board who felt you shouldnt beet around the bush in the transfer market. Especially as players are usually on the proverbial beech before the end of the season. I’m generally in favour of keeping the details of contract negotiations privat and biding our thyme Osbourne fruit on this occasion. Full marks to those at the Elm of the club, but it could so easily have gone up in Ashes.






Who can resist the temptation of Uncle Jeff’s very best bag of scratchings?


If these puns keep coming I’m going to log off.


Sadly he wasn’t the only awful Walsall player that day, We were shocking!

He left close season because he said he’d got a cricked neck from watching the ball go over his head!


You really need to start branching out


that’s correct you’ve only got to see the picture of Ferrier after the Plymouth game :laughing:



And people still say junk food’s not good for you


Same Non League diet as cook.