Our club needs us sos

Given the uncertain times the club faces just canvassing opinion on who would be prepared to help club financially
How about we set up a direct debit scheme where fans who wished could comit to perhaps £10 per month. With al, monies going direct to club

The independent saddlers supporters association ( Issa ) could quickly put the mechanics of this together. But as said. All cash would go direct to club

If we could attract say 2000 season ticket holders to the scheme that would generate. Serious monthly revenue the club so badly needs, Issa have spoken with the club on previous occasions about implementing the scheme, But this was prior to Covid and we aimed to use any said funds Towards a freehold fund being set up, The freehold at present is least of the problems club could face. And I for one am more than willing to. Donate via this idea.

What are the opinions of others, As said issa would not. Handle said cash we would just implement alongside club the mechanics of the scheme, and money would go straight to club, Via the direct debit scheme

WSFC have already setup a fundraiser. Wouldn’t it be better to just support that and endorse it rather than set up competing ideas?


I tweeted something in a similar vein on Twitter. I’d be up for a regular donation.

Absolutely. I’m up for this but one is enough, and WSFC is already live.

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I suppose the difference in scheme is the regularity. I’d rather set up a fixed direct debit and be done.

Either way, as I said in the tweet I mention in reply to @Dhforever, we’ve got to do something. I see people saying to go to club shop but I imagine the profit margin isn’t that significant.

It is a decent idea. But I do think there should be some liaison with @RobHarv3y as WSFC have set up a crowdfunding page.

It all needs to be straightforward.

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Sorry guys not wanting to clash with robs idea, We have spokecwith club on many occasions regarding this. And our original intention. Was to set up a freehold fund

Rob sorry. If this has caused offence. Will look at doing it again after your. Fundraiser is finished
Reason we chose the regular donation route was club would receive all of cash, But as said. Please accept my apologies. No. Intent to undermine your fundraiser was there mate.

I’ll ensure something is done via Issa. Ie an auction or something. To help your fund

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Think they are both great ideas and both could be implemented at the same time . Those with let’s say a more disposable income could set up the said direct debit . And those not so fortunate may want to give a one off payment . It will all help.


Will this cover Directors salaries?

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Wonder if our No 1 fan in Cyprus will donate to Rob"s fundraiser page😳


With all this goodwill on display ( can you imagine it under the previous regime ) would it not be be a good time for the supporters groups to make peace.
Could someone off here act as an intermediary ?


Let’s just keep it simple , I think the most benefit to the club will come from a regular monthly DD , but there should be no minimum or maximum amount , I’m happy with the £10 but some may only be able to do £5 , if we could get a substantial amount of people to join in it could potentially keep our club going .
I will add though all monies raised through the fund must be subject to full disclosure of the income and where it goes .

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Im in.

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Me too …

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I think there would be a whole lot more people that would buy into this if they didn’t feel like some or all this money would be going just to pay Bonsers rent money .


Agreed but this is about survival of a football club we all love

Maybe the club should implement some sort of reward system say for every 100 direct debits set up maybe a free season ticket and shirt for next season, I’m sure that would drum up some interest

It would be good to get a steer from the club on what is going on. How serious is the problem?

For example, how much has been received from season ticket sales / ifollow season ticket sales etc?

What is the situation regarding off field income.
What about expenses, rent, rates etc.
What support is the club getting from the government in relation to the furlough scheme and other initiatives?
What sacrifices are the directors / players making in relation to what they are taking out of the club?

Questions to answer.


I would hope that the directors have been meeting today & formulating a plan for the next 6 / 12 months based on no fan attendance at football.
There needs to be some plan for bringing income into the club.
One thought that I’ve had is for the club to run a monthly raffle / lottery for a “Season Ticket For Life”. £25 per ticket. Sell 1000 tickets each month & that’s a healthy income that could be used to pay the players, groundskeepers, etc. Plus, the cost of the prize to the club is spread so thinly that it’d be hardly noticeable.

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However you look at it, any donations Made will need to go towards paying the rent.

The rent is the beating heart of the club, without maintenance of that we have no home. As for the players and staff I guess the government will have to step in.

But they certainly won’t pay the rent.