Our club needs us sos

Club needs to share its plans & needs before I’d get involved if I’m honest. Like to see a few directors leave, take pay cuts, write off loans before the fans have to dig into their pockets.

2,000 fans at £10 a month wouldn’t even cover half our rent.

Let’s see our number one fan give us a rent rebate & rent holiday first! As this wont happen & as we don’t need a stadium this season, I’d suggest we’d leave the Bescot & play our games somewhere else, although undoubtedly uncle Jeff has tied up in a lease.

I’ll help the club anyway I can, as i have throughout my 42 year support & I applaud those trying to do something, thank you. But I’ll spend my energy trying to get fans back into grounds & us away from Bonser.


If you read my previous post on this subject , I’ve said there needs to be full disclosure of what income is raised and where it goes , provided this information is given I have no problems with it .I do think that people need to move on from allowing the Bonser part of the situation to influence their help . If he is helping the club at this time great , if not then it’s even more important that as many of us as possible do a little bit .
As a rider to this I repeat all income and expenditure from any monies generated from the supporters donations must be fully and openly disclosed.
With or without Bonser we have to keep WFC.


I read your previous post. I agree with most of it and I applaud you and others for trying to do something about it, as stated.

For me though whatever we do, will be a drop in the ocean, given that we’d need to raise £45k a month just to pay the rent. I’d love to move on from Bonser believe me, but his legacy is only further highlighted given these extraordinary times.

I want to see Walsall FC survive and prosper, I will do what I can to help. But for us to do so, one or more of the following needs to happen:

● Fans back in grounds
● Significant government support
● Significant Premier League support
● Major rent reduction/rebate/ holiday
● Rich benefactor turns up

In the meantime, as I said I applaud & thank anyone who tries to help the club in these unprecedented times.