Our Lowest Ebb?

Been a Saddler for some 58 years now.Apart from a relegation to Division 4(as it was then) with Bucko in charge , when we came straight back up; and 10 years or so ago when Dicky Dosh took us straight back up from League 2, have we we been as low as this in the last 50 odd years???
This is unquestionably the poorest Team I have ever seen, and I have seen some bad uns in my time. I desperately want Darrell to succeed, but there will have to be another big clear out in January. OH for an Ian Roper at the back. When are we going to learn how to defend set pieces? No one dominates in the air at the back.The midfield is so lightweight its unbelievable and the forwards…
We deserve much better. Cheltenham came last week. I said to my mate that time was when we used to swat teams like this away, and to lose at home to them would have been a big upset. Now if we win its a shock!
I am very sorry but Clarke will have to go before xmas if this continues.WE ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT!


I started following Walsall when we were a Div 4 team in the era of Lightbourne, Marsh, Wilson etc and it did not put me off. We scored lots of goals, were enjoyable to watch, great atmosphere at most games and of course we had a lot of cup runs. For me watching this lot has been the most soul destroying experience I’ve had as a Saddler. Thinking back to those early days all the pleasurable aspects are gone, I have no affinity with the current players or management, the football is dire and there appears to be no progress what so ever. I would agree this is the lowest ebb I have known


28 years for me and it’s the lowest I’ve seen us. But I think it’s only right to wait until the end of the season to decide if that’s still the case before saying things like lowest ebb/worst Walsall side so on.

But it’s not looking good.


Its on a par with the early Hibbett days, yet to sink below this yet.

But the season is young

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I think the period imediately after the sale of Stuart Rimmer ranks as my all time low, we went from having a glimmer of hope on a match day to having none, straight away 8 games without a win including that humiliating day at Halifax when we lost 5-2 after being 2 up inside about the first 3 minutes, and an incredible 6 home games without a goal, all in this horrible new ground while our real home was being demolished bit by bit just up the road. Just what you need as a fan after two seasons of finishing bottom of the league!


Definitely worst team I’ve ever seen


Agree with your sentiments and it is pretty bleak at the moment, but I have to disagree regarding Roper !! He was a standard lower league centre half with little skill, I’ve never understood this fan love affair with him, we’ve had far better centre halfs, tin hat in place.

I think it was because he hit the same seat in row z every time he kicked the ball out he was that precise, in fact i don’t think they ever sold the seat again while he was playing :grin:

Think Scarr has taken on that role now chunks, that’s when he doesn’t slice it to an opposing forward😩

Depends on what you mean by a “player”. Absolutely he couldn’t kick a ball in the direction he wanted to save his life but that isn’t what he was employed to do.

I remember an interview with Jackie Charlton years back about his part in the 66 World Cup team. He basically said he couldn’t play football to save his life - but he knew how to stop others playing (and obviously to a high enough standard to do it for England). And that also describes Ropey to a tee. What else do you want from a centre half?


I think my lowest ebb is watching Liddle motionless in the centre of the park with the ball bouncing of his shins to the opposition

God… It’s depressing

Think the comparison with Jackie Charlton is a bit tongue in cheek! Regarding stopping the opposition playing? Bloody hell think a lot of forwards were able to " play" on many occasions, just my opinion like you have yours, there may also be fans that thought Manny Smith also did his job​:grimacing::anguished:

Well to an extent - I don’t think Ropes was in the same league as JC, but he was good enough for us. The bloke would run through a brick wall in the cause of Walsall FC and that was why so many of us loved him.

Fully understand your and others admiration and affection for the guy, but didn’t impress me.

And THAT statement sums up everything that i love WFC for, they could be the most inept player ever but if they gave 110% every time they put the shirt on then i would never question their loyalty, effort to me is as importent as skill in a side, but you need a healthy mix of both to be a successful side


This thread is bordering on my lowest ebb on UTS, apart from the other gazillion negative threads that appear when we are struggling.

Cheer up folks, the leech has gone from the club. Just need to wrench the freehold from his greedy mits now and jobs a good ‘un.


That was a shocking spell as was the last season at FP can only really remember the last league game

And that’s a reason to ignore the ■■■■ performances?

I know people loved to get high and mighty about Bonser but through his entire reign we never looked this ■■■■. And at the end of the day, I pay to watch football.

I’m willing to give it a season before saying this is the worst ever, but the takeover won’t mask that if it turns out to be the case.


Last pre season I had genuine optimism, a balance of experience but young players blooded who looked like they could step up. They got totally sidelined and instead of loyal, home grown talent getting a taste they were cold shouldered and a bunch of journey men “pros” brought in. Identity is important and I don’t think walsall have found theres


As ebbs go, this is indeed a low one.

I’m hoping the transient nature of the modern game, which I usually detest, comes to our rescue with seven or eight in and seven or eight out in January.

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