Our Online Shop is Cack

After being down virtually all summer, it’s down again today! Wtf.

When it came up briefly, have to say the range of merchandise outside of replica kit is really poor. Club are missing out on a few quid here.

Our ecommerce platform is cack, the shop on match day is too busy and replica kit aside most of the stuff they flog is tat.

Then again we are unbeaten, so who cares.


£8 for postage felt like a bit much, put me off buying anything and that was only for a mug.

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How much was it for a more astute customer?


Have to agree, had a newborn this year and wanted some baby stuff but other than the kit, the stuff is pretty poor. Even the third choice mini kit come with white socks rather than the grey and green… Surely that cannot be right? Emailed them complaining essentially it’s not the full replica kit I was sold and paid over £46 for it.

My mate’s a Villa fan and the stuff they’ve got put’s ours to shame unfortunately.

a mere £14 postage for a shirt absolute joke should be £5 maximum.

It’s been rubbish for years, certainly since the mid-90s when I first began to take more of an interest in regalia. There have been a few decent offerings, got a half-decent tie, some fairly ok mugs and a couple of coasters. Some of the scarves are ok.

Much of it though is pure rubbish, low-quality, some questionable design choices and poorly made.

went to the wolves shop yesterday to get my grandad something as he’s a season ticket holder there and I like to get him something with some thought behind it.

I just couldn’t help feel a little deflated at the difference. I know it’s unfair to compare the two and especially now as all their fair weather fans will be flocking back so merch sales will have rocketed.

I do think some of the stuff is pricey at our place. the dvds from seasons years ago (and not good seasons either) were still selling at the same price as the current stuff which I struggled to see the logic with.

Was going to get a football for my grandson. Having read this thread I was a bit wary, however It stated clearly on the website that shipping was FREE so I was pleasantly surprised. (It did say that footballs would be sent deflated).
I put in all my details and then at the final stage it appears that what they mean by FREE SHIPPING is “collect it at the club shop”!
£6 postage for something costing £14 seemed steep to me so I haven’t bothered, but it was the fact that it said free shipping that really annoyed me.
Many moons ago in the days of the membership scheme I won an autographed football in a raffle so when he is a bit older I shall give him that.


the postage charges are ridiculous they really need to change that.

The OS has just announced the opening of the new online shop here

Was struck me as ironic is that the photo they’ve used to illustrate the news shows the shop with the shutter half down so you can’t get in! :rofl:

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Not to mention the bloke in the hi-vis pointing away from the shop, ‘we’re ■■■■■■■ shut so get to ■■■■, you bastards’