" ours "- something for WFC to consider?

Anybody watched this BT Film " OURS ", if not it’s worth a watch, some interesting ideas on how clubs to be run by fan based owners and different concepts on ideas, have a watch and see what you think.

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Rob i think this could do with going on the main stream topics. It’s a documentary about Fan lead take overs after bad ownership from Bury, Portsmouth, Rushden and Diamonds, what Wimbledon fans did after the franchise took over, to new concepts like Ebbsfleet, Hashtag United, Leyton Orient, see what you think, it’s certainly a debate worth considering.

Tried to watch it, I recorded it but my BT Sport played up and so it keeps freezing throughout, but managed to hear the beginning when the Bury fan is talking, will hopefully be able to find it on repeat.

Recorded it they mentioned it after the game in the week at half 10 I think it was on so it’s currently sitting on my list of recordings nice to hear it’s worth a watch.

I am going to watch this, all things considered, it will be a very interesting watch.

I did watch the documentary on Bury. I found it very interesting that a small number of fans would not support the phoenix Bury because it wasn’t the Bury. Even though their chairman has purposely spent his entire time at the helm winding them up and dividing them, and there is very little chance of the club coming back while he is there, they still identify with the club. I don’t get this mindset! What is a football club if not the fans? Its not the ground, the fixtures and fittings or the chairman - its the good people that are involved. Surely pheonix Bury is the Bury, just repackaged so a cancer can be cut away from the organisation?

I think sometimes these businessmen could ■■■■ in their supporter’s kettle and they would still turn up.

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The AFC Rushden and Diamonds supporter names on a shirt at £50 a pop idea is a good idea to raise money some of the people behind all these clubs on this program(mostly fans) deserve enormous credit.


I always used to say Bonser could pick the pockets of fans at the turnstile and some fans would still claim he was the clubs saviour.


Some fans on other threads on here have come up with some suggestions, but Wimbledon fans sort expert help in what was needed to form a club and followed it up with action and fair play to them look where they are compared to we.

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We are a million miles away from needing a fan take over, and the way our fan groups squabble it would end up being a disaster, all we need is to get the recruitment right at the end of the season, and these past couple of seasons will all be forgot about.


Easier said than done, we’ve been trying that for years. Time to look at the common denominators.