Overseas Pre-Season

Having seen some of the coverage from our trip to Poland, it seems really positive and can only bode well for the season ahead.

One of the things I would personally embrace (as I’m sure many others would :grinning::wink:) would be an overseas pre-season that was open to fans to attend. Imagine a few hundred Walsall fans enjoying the delights of Benidorm, Albufeira etc!

Walsall fans generally don’t have too much to look forward to, it’s fair to say we have been through the mill. However, I genuinely believe that a pre-season tour would be an opportunity to bring everybody together - Directors, coaches, players etc. The content for the marketing department would be invaluable.

I hope the club will take on board the benefits of our recent Poland experience, embrace the benefits and consider an overseas pre-season as we prepare for 2020-21 season.

Lots of lower league teams seem to do it now. Surely, it is time?!


Agreed. These things take time and planning too. More than likely too short notice to organise a proper tour/ fixtures against teams that would have been viable to be open to supporters. Fingers crossed for next year. Baby steps and all that …

Didn’t we play a couple of games in France in the Graydon/Lee era?

Think Jeff has a few air beds , and as long as they got their own nosh , and they cleaned the pool out , we as a club could all share at the … Cyprus pension fund holiday homes LTD , we may even get to see the great Andreas Makris play against us , or for us depending if any more money was to , I did say “IF” any money was to change hands …so to speak , wink wink , nudge nudge , know what I mean …:wink:

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