Oysten gone, 7k there tonight, PROOF


…you can take on a chairman and win…


I think we all know Funk - the general majority of fans don’t seem bothered…

It’s galling to admit but too many are happy to allow JB to have his wicked ways with the club


Blackpool fans deserve it.

Did take a long old while to get him out though (think proper protests against him began in 2014).

Charlton fans been protesting about Duchalet and Coventry about SISU from around that time aswell.


Excellent that the Oystons are gone. I would like to believe it was fan protest that succeeded but i think it had more to do with the court case over 25 million owed to Valeri Belekon.


exactly right mate and we would never see a huge jump if Bonser went check our attendances at this level over the years even before uncle jeff.never been much different have they?


Pretty sure the statute of limitations rules out any action against the directors and shareholders of Davenmanor and Denglen. If they’d published accounts at any time nobody would question them still. Sadly, the euphoria of having a club and a ground in the town worked for far too long, and it took a while for the ‘wait, wut’ to kick in.


I don’t think it’s a case of people not been bothered.

There are families/individuals out there who have better things to do with their time than protest against Bonser. These people probably love the club no more than the next man however they have other concerning priorities.


As nice as it sounds, the fans didn’t force him out. The courts did.


To be honest with the apathy that surrounds our club I doubt Jeffs departure would add little more than a couple of hundred to our gates. Furthermore I would add the our chairman is nowhere near the Oystons when it comes to ‘scumbaggery’


The difference between Osyen and Bonser is probably just that Bonser got away with his booky moves very early in his reign, Oysten didn’t and didn’t like it when he was called out!

If this isn’t the case, why do the club do everything in their power to fudge figures and hide dealings - your telling me those 2 men are any different? B******t


Said it before elsewhere - the club have missed out on a decade or more of attracting fans in, and they ain’t gonna turn up overnight just because some distant figurehead of the club has gone. Large numbers of those who stopped going because of Bonser have likely already lost interest, it’s been that long.

It would take another time like 98-04 to improve gates even a decent amount. Even if we stay up this season and remain in the division that probably should be named after us by now, more L1 obscurity ain’t gonna attract kids in. Not in this day and age of Premier League on TV everywhere and where being a fan of a football team seems to rely less and less on where you were actually born.

Don’t want to sound too pessimistic but that’s the long and short of it for me.


We have always been a well established league 1 club. Who always held there own especially at home . That is sadly slipping now and we are now relegation dog fighters . Bonser needs to throw the dice and invest in proven league 1 performers next season if we stay up or this decline will turn into a well established league 2 club.


I disagree, i think that if we got rid of bonzo, and replaced him with a forward thinking football orientated director, that was willing to invest, and bought some success to the club that could challenge in the championship, then we would put at least another 2000 on the gate.


Thing is, only a modest investment is needed to succeed. If only we had a multi-millionaire chairman…


Sorry but I just don’t see it, if you look at our second promotion to the Championship and arguably the one and only time Jeff really pushed the boat out our average attendance rose by just over 1000 and that was partly down to increased away followings. I hope that at some point your vision comes true in regards to a change of direction/ownership at the club but I am not sure the fanbase is there anymore. Too many people have drifted away and as a result their kids have found different football allegiances.


Good point, so not only has the present ownership destroyed OUR expectations and aspersions they have destroyed it for future generations :pensive:


Tell me about it ! I desperately tried to get me daughter into WFC but she got bored with it and I can’t blame her. Still maybe my little boy will have a higher boredom threshold than her :disappointed: