P-P vs AFC Wimbledon (A) - League Two - Tue 24th Jan, 7:45pm

Is that the ground where a scene from The Sweeney was filmed in the mid 70s? It was the Dulwich Hamlet ground, so if it was their ground back then, it was the one. First episode of series one, Regan and Carter met a snout there.

Perhaps they had to somehow justify the farce of abandoning the Chelsea womens match after 6 mins the other day, by knocking our game on the head …

You know what, it is! So different from League football - friendly, no segregation, you can drink whilst watching the football, the grub was top notch, and you can even bring your dog in!

If they still played at the same ground that might make some sense, but they don’t!

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Stockport and Bradford drawing 0-0 and Salford drawing 1-1 at Colchester are two great results for us.

Currently 9 points off third with two games in hand.

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Stockport and Bradford drawing was the best possible result for us. Could of done with Colchester winning though.

I do fear this fixture pile up we now have will cost us a playoff spot this season.

It’s not pretty, we have a stinker of a game at Salford on Tuesday lose that and a big gap appears.

The weather is stitching us up :joy:

Or win it and the gap virtually disappears?

If we can come out of the next 3 games (Salford A, Northampton A, Orient H) in roughly the position we are now that should set us up nicely for a better looking run of games after that of Colchester A, Newport H, Crewe H, Hartlepool A.


Crikey that’s a horrible run of games!

Salford and Northampton allows us the opportunity of gaining on them on top of the games in hand.

Orient have been on a bit of a downturn compared to the start of the season. Only won 1 of the last 6 with 3 draws and 2 losses. Hopefully that continues.

I’d take 5 points from next 3 games but see no reason we can’t get 7.


Good win for Carlisle and they have a really good strikeforce now with Joe Garner back.

Probably favourites for 3rd currently, will be a tasty game on Easter Monday after it all kicked off in the FA cup so hopefully can get 8k crowd for that.


Looking good at the moment. Plenty of twists and turns to come yet though I’d imagine. Mansfield looked nailed on to take 3rd at one point last season when they went on that amazing run.

Northampton have only taken 4 points from the last 5 games. I don’t follow things that closely so I don’t know how many of last season’s squad is still there, but you feel the trauma of what happend last season could catch up with them.

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