PA Announcer. Half Time Compere

He is the least of our issues.

Seems nice enough - his singing at the start got everyone involved. He is alright at the half time bits.

Probably could have read the situation slightly better at half time though!

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Can’t say someone on the mic trying to whip the crowd up appeals much to me but someone doing something really stupid like scoring a goal does tend to get me bouncing around.
It would have been more interesting if he’d said “well that was awful wasn’t it , aren’t you glad you came “ :crazy_face:

This guy is the least of our problems.

I would rather focus on those underperforming on the pitch and in the dugout.

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Tremendous on the mic :microphone: today. The sing song at the end…goosebumps :clap:


He was good on the mic today. Works well when we are in the mood and a bit lower than a drum and trumpet on the nafness scale.


Seems like a very likeable fella actually.

I have no issue with what he tries to do pre match - I agree trying to do it at half time 3 nil down isn’t the best practice but generally get the jist.

Thing is, he wont be able to please everyone. The Bescot has been crying out for years for some atmosphere, IMO worst it has been in a long time, so I understand the efforts. It weren’t long ago we had fans calling out for upper singing tiers or home fans in the away end etc…

Don’t agree with booing him.


I think he is doing well, he gets the fans warmed up just before kick off. Agree you have to read the room as it were in some situations.

Also I’ve noticed particularly over the last several weeks how much noise the kids in the family stand are making after years of not hearing a peep out of there. I’m sure he plays a part in that and getting the kids excited and engaged in the game which is important for the future.

I did say yesterday I think we’ve started feeding them sugar before KO, but in some of the poorer games they’ve put us lot in the lower teir to shame😄

Well done kids keep it up.


I do think it works and he does get everyone going, and it is just at certain times of the game, such as before kickoff and half time, which is so much better than an annoying drum all through the game, just as long as we’re not getting our arses smacked and he tries to make out everythings rosy I think it works.


Tbf we wouldn’t need him if our atmosphere was better but this year it’s been really poor which I can’t blame and I’m a part off
Consistent failure is bound to jot the atmosphere and against Mansfield the fans only really got going when we scored then the fight was on

He does an incredible job, he gets fans whipped up into a frenzy before kick off, it is then the fans responsibility to keep that atmosphere going through the game which they often fail to do.

It really isn’t.


Seems a very enthusiastic guy the pa chap. Did anyone else notice that swifty appeared to of massively shrunk on saturday?

Yes, I presumed one of the real Swiftys chicks had fled the nest and filled in for the old man on Saturday.
Standing next to Matt and Flint in the pre match lineup photo maybe made him appear smaller.